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1970's Novels

Candy Candy's author Kyoko Mizuki has first written a little sequel after the end of the manga. It contained 3 volumes, and even if the story didn't change lots of things, we could read letters between Candy and Albert, Candy and Terry or Candy and Susanna.

Candy Candy: the Final Story - November 2010

Kyoko Mizuki didn't want to write Candy's sequel for years but she finally changed her mind - probably thanks to all devoted CC fans - and wrote 2 volumes to finish Candy's story.


Candy is in her 30s now. In the books, we can see what has happened to her and her friends as she also reminds some of her inedit memories

The books are only available in Japanese for the moment but you can find the prologue in english here. Thanks a lot to akailili who translated the prologue from Japanese ! Don't forget to write your thoughts about the books or the translation in the guest book, or by e-mail!

You can also support the following petitions to have an official translation of "Candy Candy: The Final Story" in english or french:

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