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In this page, you can find some informations about other manga series written by Kyoko Mizuki and/or illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi.


Original title: Tim Tim Circus
Author: Kyoko Mizuki
Illustrator: Yumiko Igarashi
Year: 1981 - 1982

Tim Tim wants to become a trapezist in her father's circus, like her mother was used to be before dying in an accident. But to make her dream come true, she must overcome obstacles and some tragedies.

After Candy Candy, Mizuki and Igarashi worked together for Tim Tim Circus.


Original title: Premier Muguet
Author: Kyoko Mizuki
Illustrator: Yoko Hanabusa
Year: 1979 - 1981

"Premier Muguet", means "first lily of the valley" in French. Shebii is a normal girl who lives in a small village in France. She goes to the handball club in order to be near the boy she likes, Reimon. One day she meets a boy who has the same face with her ! That encounter changes the life of both of them...

For this manga, Yoko Hanabusa, who is also a Candyfan, illustrates Mizuki's story.


Original title: Georgie !
Author: Izawa Mann
Illustrator: Yumiko Igarashi
Year: 1983 - 1984
Production: Shigetsugu Yoshida
Scenario: Hiroshi Kaneko
Character designer: Junzaburo Takahata
Musics: Takeo Watanabe
Productor: Tky Movie Shinsha
Opening song's singer: Yamamoto Yuriko

Georgie leaves in Australia with her mother and her brothers Abel and Arthur. Her mother doesn't seem to love her, and after that Abel becomes a sailor, she's even more severe with her. One day, Georgie meets Lowell, the grandson of the governor. Despite of the fact that Lowell is engaged to someone else, they love each other and Lowell, before leaving for England, promises her that he'll marry her when he'll come back to Australia. But Abel loves Georgie too and when their mother catches Georgie with Lowell, she gets very angry and expels her telling her that she isn't her real daughter, and she's a convict's daughter. Thus, Georgie decides to leave Australia to go to England, next to Lowell, to find her real parents...



Original Title: Meimi Angel
Author/Illustrator: Yumiko Igarashi
Year: 1979 - 1981

It's the time of the pioneers of the Far West, when lots of people of the population leaves on the track of the Oregon, to fulfil their dreams of conquest. Mayme is a little girl who lives peacefully with her mother and her sisters. One day she meets a boy called Johnny. Later Johnny also leaves for the Oregon and her dream since then is to leave for the West to find back the love of her childhood. Finally comes the day of the big departure towards the Far West in trolley, but also of the meeting with Sammy and other characters. A trip that promises a lot, but that will be the occasion of many pitfalls...

Mayme Angel's story is written by Yumiko Igarashi and we can see some similarities with Candy and Georgie's stories, but the story is still different and personally, it's one of my favorite manga series...


croque.jpg Original Title: Koronde Pokkuru
Author/Illustrator: Yumiko Igarashi
Year: 1982 - 1983

Onko is an orphan who lives with her two sisters, Suguri and Gumi at Hokkaido. Their dream is to open one day a small shop of crafts. So the three sisters work to save enough money to make their dream come true : Suguri, the older sister, writes advices for people in their love life in a newspaper and Onko, inspired by her, gives advices to her friends at school in exchange of money. But one day, they are expelled from their house and they begin to live with the family Murata. Onko meets two boys at her new school, Ezomatsu and Mashu. This is the beginning of their sentimental journey ...


Original Title: Ann wa Ann
Author/Illustrator: Yumiko Igarashi
Year: 1985

Ann is a little girl living between her two separated parents. She acts differently in front of each of them: In Texas, she behaves as her father's ideal daughter, and in New York, she becomes her mother's beloved daughter. Thus she lives two different lifes in order to reconciliate her parents and return to their old life together. With the help of her teacher Miss Merry, she will try to realise her dream...


heidiyum.jpgOriginal Title: Alps no shojo Heidi
Illustrator: Yumiko Igarashi
Year: 1998

You all know the story written in 1880 by Johanna Spyri : Heidi is a girl living with her grandfather in the middle of the Alps. One day her aunt comes to take her to her disabled cousin, Clara, in order to be her companion. Heidi will become a good friend of her's, but she misses her mountains...

If you're a fan of Heidi or Igarashi's marvellous illustrations, you'll enjoy this one-shot manga.

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