January, 13th, 2020

Hello, dear Candyfans ! I know, it's been years since the last update... I had some difficult times and then I just can't focus on the website properly.
Anyway, I'm here now and I have an exciting event to share with you. As you may know, I live in France for years and some months ago there was a big event for Candy fans here. The Candy Candy Final Story books got at last their official french publication by Pika Edition and for the event, the author Keiko Nagita, a.k.a. Kyoko Mizuki came at Paris Book Fair / Salon du Livre in Paris (March 15-18, 2019). I had the chance to meet her, and I have even done an interview with her !
Actually I am also a staff member of a French website, Bulle Shojo, which has a partnership with Pika that gave us this great opportunity. I was so excited ! Thank you, Pika, thank you all my friends from Bulle Shojo ! You can read the story of my encounter with one of Candy's mothers and the interview. You can also find my original articles in Bulle Shojo (I'm Maccha on this website if you wonder).

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