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July, 6th, 2015

Hello, dear Candyfans ! It's been such a long time...
I've updated the link pages. Unfortunately some CC websites are closed, so I have deleted the broken links. But fortunately, some other websites are created ; you can find for example a finnish website ^_^.
You can also see some new Georgie fanarts by Fatih Ceylan. Don't forget to visit his gallery.

April, 21st, 2013

An Oekaki board has just opened in the website ! Now you can draw online or comment other fans' drawings. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Also, Anthony's Turkish voice actor's name is added on the page Candy Candy in Turkey.

January, 28th, 2013

Well, I know that we have almost finished the first month, but you can still find a calendar for this year. I hope you like it.
The two last chapters of Mallory's story "Life Goes On..." are up. I know that today is Terry's Birthday and that story is not a Candy x Terry fic; but it's a beautiful story and if you haven't read it until now, you should give it a try ! There is even a video and an image to get into the story. Please, let the authors know of your thoughts about their stories when you read fanfictions.

October, 15th, 2012

Welcome to the new website ! As it takes so many spaces, I moved the website to a new server. Please note the new address ^_^. And if you find some broken links or error messages, please contact me.
I let you discover the new fanart gallery with some new images. From now on, you can also comment on fanarts.

June, 10th, 2012

The summary of the episode 6 is added. You can even watch an extract from the Turkish version with english subtitles !

Also, I reuploaded all the videos. Now all the extracts are subtitled and have better image quality.

April, 14th, 2012

You can find the summaries of the episodes 4 and 5.

Also, please enjoy Fatih Ceylan's fanart video.

February, 11th, 2012

As you probably know, Candy's story is written by Kyoko Mizuki and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi. I've already shown you some of Igarashi's other works but recently I've discovered some of Mizuki's manga stories : Premier Muguest with Yoko Hanabusa's illustrations and Tim Tim Circus which is another work she did with Igarashi after Candy. You can find more information in Candy's sisters page.

January, 1st, 2012

Happy new year, Candyfans ! I wish the whole world lots of happiness, serenity and peace.
As you may notice, the website's design has changed. I hope you like it. You can tell me what you think about it in the guestbook ^_~
The new calendar page for this new year is ready. This time, I've decided to do a page for the whole year.
Take also a look at some original works by Candyfans.

November, 29th, 2011

Another short update for this month... just to add the last calendar page for this year. I hope I'll make a much bigger update for New Year...

November, 1st, 2011

I couldn't prepare a big update for this month as my computer needed to be repaired... So I've just added the calendar page for November. I'll try to make a bigger update for the next time...

October, 2nd, 2011

The third part of Nina's fanfiction The Prelude is added.
The goodies page is updated with some new objects.
Finally, you can also find the calendar page for October.

August, 30th, 2011

The second part of Nina's fanfiction The Prelude is waiting for you.
A new Candy website is added in the Turkish links page.
You can also find the monthly calendar for September.

July, 10th, 2011

Candy's illustrator Yumiko Igarashi has come to Japan Expo in Paris. I had the luck to see her even for a short while and the exhibition dedicated to her. You can read the summary with the photos we have taken.
A new fanfiction translated from Spanish is waiting for you : The Outcome and its beginning The Prelude by Nina.
You can also find the monthly calendars for July and August.

May, 7th, 2011

I've already shown you some of the goodies sold in lots of countries. Now, you can read a story I've translated from a 45s vinyl's book in the goodies section. It was published in France in 1978 and has lots of illustrations in it.

You can also find the monthly calendars for May and June.

March, 6th, 2011

In the last update, I told you about the sequel written by Kyoko Mizuki, Candy Candy: The Final Story. Now, you can find the english translation of the prologue in the website. Thank you, akailili, for your hard work on this translation! Don't forget to write your thoughts about the books or the translation in the guest book, or by e-mail!

You can find the monthly calendars for March and April.

In the fanart section, you can see a beautiful Candy drawn by Le Cercle des Roses; and an exceptional illustration by the professionnal illustrator Jérôme Alquié.

January, 16th, 2011

It's already been one year since I've updated the website O_O! Sorry, I was really busy but this year I'll try to do my best to update more frequently.

2010's biggest news in Candy world was, as you may already know, the sequel written by Kyoko Mizuki, Candy Candy: The Final Story. There are two books (published in November 2010) which shows Candy's life as an adult after the original story, but also some inedited parts in the story as her memories. The books are only available in Japanese for the moment but you can support the following petitions to read "Candy Candy: The Final Story" in english or french: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/candycandynovel/

For this new year, you can find the monthly calendars for January and February.

I'll try to update at the end of January, so see you soon!

January, 10th, 2010

Another year has passed... Time goes so fast, doesn't it ? New things have been added to the website :

March, 1st, 2009

Welcome to the new site ! I hope you'll like this version more than the old one. If there are some links which don't work correctly, please tell me.

2008 was a very difficult year for lots of people. If only the world was peaceful like in animes, and people were as human as Candy. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like her so much.

I know, I haven't updated my website for a while, but the new version took a lot of my time. I also tried to add lots of things :

May 8th, 2008

The first five chapters of a new fanfiction by Christelle is waiting for you : New Hope. You can also read the chapters 7 and 8 of "Life goes on". Don't forget to write the authors your ideas about their stories ! You can also find the summary of the episode 63. Some informations about another Candy's sister is added : Onko from "Koronde Pokkuru". Finally you can see two new fanarts in Fatih Ceylan's gallery.

March 30th, 2008

You can find the summaries of the episodes 46, 54 and 62. A new section is added to the website : Oekaki BBS. In this page, you can draw online and comment others' fanarts.

December 8th, 2007

This year I really don't have enough time for the website. So I couldn't prepare lots of things for this update. You can read the chapter 6 of Mallory's story "Life Goes On".
The Links page has changed, now it's divided in different sections and a new link is added on the Turkish websites. A fanart contest took place in the Turkish section of the website. The subject was Igarashi's mangas, so you can find many pretty fanarts of Candy, Georgie and Mayme Angel. Finally, you can see Keigankun's new gallery with her cute fanarts and Fatih's new fanarts on his gallery.

June 7th, 2007

As you may have noticed, the website's design changed again. I hope you'll like this new green website.
Two new sections are added to the new website : E-cards and Candy's Sisters (where you can find some informations about other mangas of Yumiko Igarashi). You can read
the chapter 3 and the chapter 4 of Mallory's story "Life Goes On".
You can find a new link to a new Turkish website on the Links page, and the name of Neil's Turkish voice actor in the section "CC in Turkey".
Finally, you can see Fatih's new fanarts on his gallery.

February 3rd, 2007

Finally the first update of 2007 ! A new video is added in the section Videos. In the fanart section, you can see Rianna's fanart and Fatih Ceylan's new fanarts about Candy Candy and Lady Lady.

November 4th, 2006

A new fanfiction written by Mallory is added to the website: "Life Goes On" (thank you, Mallory, for this wonderful surprise!). It's a Stear/Candy fanfiction, but I'm sure that even if you are not a fan of this couple you will like the story. For Candy/Terry fans, I added a new video to the section Videos.

October 8th, 2006

You can see a new section on the website where you can watch some scenes from the anime in Turkish; Videos. You can finally read the whole version of my sister's fanfiction "Magical Pigeons". In fanart section, you can see Irem's fanarts and Fatih Ceylan's new fanarts about Candy Candy and Lady Georgie.

September 4th, 2006

As you may notice, I have changed the website's address and design. Please tell me if you notice any incorrect links, etc. I hope you like this new version, it took a lot of my time. You can also see the new section of the website where you can see some CC goodies. The 4th fanart contest finished last week and you can see the results on the contest page. Congratulations to Pityalin who won it! In the fanart section, you can see Ioana's wonderful fanarts. You can also see other fanarts at my Deviantart Club. I have written a new minifiction: Misunderstandings. I hope you enjoy this update!

May 7th, 2006

The 4th fanart contest begins today. You can find new banners on the page "Links". Licia has changed the video she prepared for Terry's birthday. You can find the new version Too Lost in You. You can also see her new fanarts on her gallery. Finally, you can read the 3th chapter of "Magical Pigeons" in the section "Fanfictions".

January 28th, 2006

After 5 months, I finally can do an update. Sorry for being so late!
The third fanart contest is finished with two pictures. Congratulations to Ozgu who won this contest with her wonderful work! You can find new fanarts of Aleksandra (Thank you, Aleksandra, for these beautiful drawings!).You can also see two new images on my gallery As you know today is Terry's birthday. It is also my sister Licia's birthday and she prepared a lot of things for this update. First, you can see her new fanart on her gallery. Secondly, you can read the first two chapters of the english version of a fanfiction she wrote when she was 17, "Magical Pigeons", in the section "Fanfictions". Don't forget to send her your comments! Finally, she prepared a video, Too Lost in You. Thank you, my dear sister and happy birthday!

August 29th, 2005

Today begins the third fanart contest. This time the subject is Candy and Terry. I added the summaries of the episodes 3 and 41. You can also find the names of the Turkish voices actors of Terry, Anthony and Elisa for the TRT version.

July 12th, 2005

I haven't prepared a lot of things for this update but I hope I'll do a big one on August. I received 3 fanarts for the second contest. I like the three of them but only one had to be chosen: Congratulations Usako! You can also see three new images on my gallery.

March 31 th, 2005
As I don't have a lot of time, I can't update my website regularly. Here is an update special fanart. On November 2004, a fanart contest began on the turkish section of the website. Here you can see the drawings I received for this contest. The second contest begins today, and the theme is Candy and Anthony. Finally, you can see Aleksandra's fanarts (Thank you, Aleksandra, for these beautfiful drawings!).

January 28th, 2005
Today is our Terry's birthday. I wanted to do a big update for him, but I didn't have enough time. In the section "Episodes' summaries", you can find the summaries of the episodes 2 and 31. Some wallpapers are waiting for you. Finally, you can see Usako's fanart.

January 1st, 2005
Happy new year, Candyfans! I let you discover the english version of my website, I hope you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to sign the guestbook to tell me what you think about it ^_~

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