Other Fan Works

In addition to fanarts and fanfictions, Candy has inspired her fans for other original works.

Here is a classic game made by my dear sister. You can print the board and the cards (click on the images for the real size). The rules are simple: Shuffle the cards. Each player throw the dice to move on the board on their turn. When you stop on a blue square, draw a card and do what it says. If you stop on a green square, go to the attic and on your next round, begin from the start again. The first player who comes at the last square wins. You can add cards or change the rules as you wish.

candy game candy game

And here is a cake cooked by my sister for my birthday :

candy cake

This is a photo of a table set in a french restaurant in Marseille (thank you, Marc, for the photo ! ^_~):

candy table set

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