The Main Characters

Candy White: our heroine who suffers since her birthday but never loses her hope and optimism.

karaktercandy.jpg-Candy' s birthday: May 7, 1898
(the day she is found in front of the orphanage in the manga)
-Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
-Height: 1,55 m
-Weight: 45 kg
-Her eyes' color: green
-Blood group: 0
-Favorite food: chocolate
-Favorite flower: "Sweet Candy"
-The thing she hates most: snake
-Favorite color: red
-Hobby: to climb on trees

  Terry: The son of the Duke Grandchester and the American actress Eleanor Baker. At the beginning, he looks like a rebellious boy and wins everybody's hate but Candy sees that he is a good person and falls in love with him. But, first because of Elisa, then because of Susanna's feelings towards him, they can't stay together.

karakterterry.jpg-Birthday: January 28, 1897
-Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
-Height: 1,73 m
-Weight: 53 kg
-Eyes' color: blue/green
-Blood group: AB
-Favorite food: grapefruit
-The thing he hates most: sweetened things
-Favorite color: black
-Hobby: to ride a horse

  Anthony Brown: Candy meets him while she is a maid at the Leagons' mansion and they fall in love with each other. But during a fox-hunt he falls from the horse and dies...

karakteranthony.jpg -Birthday: September 30, 1898
-Sign of the zodiac: Libra
-Height: 1,70 m
-Weight: 52 kg
-Eyes' color: blue
-Blood group: A
-Favorite food: liqueured candy
-Favorite flower: roses
-The thing he hates most: carrot
-Favorite color: white
-Hobby: to raise roses

  Annie Brighton: Candy's best friend. She grows up with her at Pony's Home and then she is adopted by the family Brighton. First, she wants to hide from the society that she grew up in an orphanage and hurts Candy but later she understands her foolishness and apologizes to Candy. She wants to become a lady. She is shy and, to my mind, egoistic but a nice girl. In the manga and the OVAs, we see that she's blond.

karakterannie.jpg-Birthday : May 7, 1898 (the day she is found in front of the orphanage in the manga)
-Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
-Height: 1,57 m
-Weight: 42 kg
-Eyes' color: blue
-Blood group: B
-Favorite food: pudding
-Favorite flower: freesia
-The thing she hates most: greasy food
-Favorite color: pink
-Hobby: to knit, embroidery, etc.

  Alistair (Stear) Cornwell: a cousin of Anthony and Elisa's. In the manga we see that at the beginning he loves Candy but later he falls in love with Patty, a girl he meets at the St-Paul's College. He wants to become an inventor but none of his inventions works correctly... Especially he loves planes. After the beginning of the World War he goes to join the army as voluntary and dies there. But as his body isn't found, there is still hope for him...

karakterstear.jpgBirthday: May 25, 1897
-Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
-Height: 1,76 m
-Weight: 60 kg
-Eyes' color: brown
-Blood group: 0
-Favorite food: black coffee
-Favorite flower: carnation
-The thing he hates most: milk
-Favorite color: brown
-Hobby: inventions

  Archibald (Archie) Cornwell: Stear's brother, Annie's love. At the beginning, he's in love with Candy but when he realizes that Annie loves him and Candy can't love him, he decides to stay with Annie and tries to love her. He's kind but gets angry easily. Especially in the manga, they say he is very elegant but I often find his clothes very ridiculous...

karakterarchie.jpg-Birthday: October 11, 1898
-Sign of the zodiac: Libra
-Height: 1,72 m
-Weight: 52 kg
-Eyes' color: blue
-Blood group: A
-Favorite food: ham and eggs
-Favorite flower: orchid
-Favorite color: blue

  Patty: Stear's girlfriend, Candy and Annie's friend. She's shy like Annie but unlike her she hasn't made Candy suffer, she isn't selfish.

karakterpatty.jpg-Birthday: June 19, 1898
-: Gemini
-Height: 1,56 m
-Weight: 42 kg
-Eyes' color: hazel
-Blood group: 0
-Favorite food: cookies
-Favorite flower: yellow rose
-Favorite food: pineapple
-Favorite color: green
-Hobby: to take care of the animals


Elisa Leagon, the cousin of Anthony, Stear and Archie, is a crafty and intelligent girl who is happy seeing Candy suffering. Both of them fall in love with the same boys and she does everything to take Candy away from them. But, despite her efforts, she can't win their love and obtains nothing...


Neil, Elisa's brother. He's cowardly and selfish like Elisa but he can't do anything alone, he only manages to help Elisa in her plans.

Albert is a good friend of Candy. We don't know a lot of things about him until the end of the story where he turns out to be Uncle William who adopted Candy and the Prince of the hill. He loves nature and animals and he likes being free...


Miss Pony and Sister Maria are Candy's two mothers. They are responsible for the orphanage and take care of all the children as if they are their mothers. Candy goes next to them each time she feels bad as it's the only place she can be in peace.


Klin is Candy's inseparable friend. We can see him only in the anime version...

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