As you know Candy Candy was very popular some years ago and there were lots of things about it. In this page you can see some pictures of some of them.

My sister has found this box in a store where they sell Korean products:

I don't have a lot of informations about it, I think it is made in Korea or China. Anyway, it contains a box with the DVDs of the anime episodes, some cards and a bag.

The 9 volumes of the manga:

The soundtrack of the 2nd OVA:

Some music CDs published in France years ago (with french songs):

Some vinyl records made in France (click on the image to see some of their contents):

Another CD which was published in France in 2004 with its original musics :

In 2006, some DVDs were published in France but as they weren't legal they can't be sold:

SOme french videos:

Some moneyboxes :

Candy's home with two special rooms (one for Anthony and the other one for Annie) by Popy:

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