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Episode 1

Everything begins a winter day in an orphanage called "Pony's Home", in the South of the Michigan Lake. One night, Tom, one of the orphans, hears some babies' crying. Miss Pony and Sister Maria who are responsible for the orphanage go out and find an abandoned baby. There is a letter with her written by her mother who asks them to take care of her daughter Annie. Meanwhile another baby's crying voice takes the attention of the two women. There is no letter with this baby but they find a poupet on which it is written "Candy". Inspired also by the snow of that night they decide to call this second baby "Candy White".

Some years pass. Candy becomes a naughty girl and loves climbing on trees. She quarrels with Tom who teases Annie. For example, even when they were babies Tom takes off Annie's bottle from her mouth and she begins to cry. Candy throws her feeling bottle she had in her hands at him and they all begin to cry.

Another example, one day Tom ruins Annie's snowman while he is passing with his toboggan and escapes. Candy catches him with a rope and forces him to apologize to Annie.

One day Candy ties some little ducks with a rope to their mother. Miss Pony and Sister Maria scold her but when they learn why she did that they forgive her immediately: Candy has tied the little ducks because she didn't want them to lose their mother and be orphan like her.

Every third Sunday of each month people who want to adopt children come to see the orphans. That day all the children try to make people like them. But Candy and Annie who want to stay at Pony's Home do everything for not being adopted.

Miss Pony scolds them and says that because of their behaviours everybody will think bad things about the children who grow up in Pony's Home. Candy and Annie are very sad when they hear that, they understand that because of their egoism the children who want to be adopted can have problems.

On their 10th birthday (I mean the day they were found), they learn that Tom is going to be adopted. Candy, even if she doesn't want to show it, is sad because of his future departure. The following day, a rich farmer who wants to adopt Tom comes to take him. Tom will become a cowboy. After that he sets off, Sister Maria and Miss Pony tell to Candy and Annie that they found them thanks to Tom. So Candy and Annie run to Pony's hill to farewell him a second time.

Annie begins to cry and says that she wants to be adopted like Tom.

Candy kisses her check and tells her that it's a kiss from her mother. Then Annie kisses Candy and tells her that kiss is from her father.

Thus they promise to each other that they will be mother and father of each other.

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