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Episode 2

One morning Candy realizes that Annie's very absent-minded. Annie wants to be adopted and she's even jealous of the animals who have parents. Candy who wants her to feel better, brings her secretly to a picnic the following morning, taking also a bottle of wine that Miss Pony is used to drink before sleeping, and letting a letter to Miss Pony and Sister Maria to explain them the situation. Candy and Annie pass very good times together.

Suddenly they see a gazelle and follow him. The animal goes next to his mother who waits for him on the other side of the river. Candy too wants to go to there. As Annie fears of the current, they tie a rope to the two sides of the river and advance in the river taking it. But a branch where a tip of the rope is tied snapped and the two girls get caught in the current.

At that time a man sees them and with his boss, Mr Brighton, he saves the girls. Mr Brighton brings them to his home and they give them some riders' clothes to change their wet dresses. While they are grilling, Candy tells them that they live in an orphanage called "Pony's Home".

Mr Brighton lets the girls ride a horse. After that they ride a little, Candy and Annie dismount from the horse. Both of them are very happy. Annie proposes to Candy to ask Mr Brighton to adopt them, so they will have a family and they won't be separated. But Candy doesn't like this idea and they argue.

Candy leaves there. Annie who stays alone begins to cry saying that she wants to have her mother and her father. When she returns to Pony's Home, Candy learns that John who was looking for them is lost. She finds him sleeping on a tree and she climbs it to help him to go down.

At that moment she sees Mr Brighton's phaeton. She is happy thinking that Annie comes back and runs towards it. But Mr Brighton's worker says that Annie will stay at Brightons' that night and that Annie reminds Mr Brighton his daughter that he lost. That night both Candy and Annie are sad; it's the first night that they are separated from each other.

The following morning, Candy goes outside early in the morning. She sees that Annie is coming. Annie didn't ask to Mr Brighton the thing she wanted to ask and Candy is very happy to hear that. Annie brought Candy the candied fruits she loves the most. Candy is very happy and says that they are the best friends in the world and they will never be separated from each other.

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