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Episode 3

Candy tells John and the other children the grill at Mr Brighton's home.

Then Mr Brighton and his servants come there. Candy apologizes to him for coming home without telling them that day. Mr Brighton makes prepare some grill for the children.

In fact that is just a pretext for Mr Brighton to go there: he is there to speak to Miss Pony and Sister Maria to adopt Candy. Later Miss Pony and Sister Maria call Candy to their room and ask her what she thinks about it. Before Candy answers correctly, they hear someone's crying; it is Annie who is sad because of the idea that Candy will be adopted.

The other children are sad too when they learn about it; nobody wants Candy's leaving. Sister Maria talks to them and asks them to think about Candy's happiness. Annie regrets and decides to apologize to Candy for her behaviour.

She asks Candy to teach her to climb the tree so that she can say farewell to her from there when she will go. Candy, who sees that her friend is very sad, decides not to go. Next day she takes the wet sheet of John' s bed wet and when Mr and Mrs Brighton come she says that she's used to wet her bed every night so that they give up and don't adopt her.

The Brightons are surprised but when they talked to Sister Maria and Miss Pony they understand that Candy lied. Mrs Brighton who realizes that Candy doesn't want to be adopted gives up.

When Candy hears that, she is very happy. While Mrs Brighton gets on the phaeton to go, she sees Annie and says to her husband that she looks like a nice girl. The evening Miss Pony and Sister Maria speak with Annie in their room and Candy waits for her curiously. When Annie comes, she tells her that the Brightons want to adopt her and she says that she wants it too. Candy is very sad hearing that because she wants to be adopted too but she refused to be adopted just to stay with Annie. She leaves the orphanage running and cries under the rain a long time. Annie goes out too and waits under the rain. In the end, they make peace with each other.

Mrs Brighton comes to take Annie.

Annie thanks Miss Pony and Sister Maria for everything they have done for her. As Mrs Brighton doesn't like animals she leaves Krin at the orphanage with Candy. Candy climbs the tree running and says farewell to Annie.

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