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Episode 31

Candy stares at the young man she sees on the deck. Because of the fog and the darkness, she thinks he looks like Anthony. But she realizes that he's taller than Anthony and his hair is darker.

Suddenly she sees that the boy is crying. He notices her too. Candy says that she's sorry, that she sees him crying and wants to speak to him. But the boy burst out laughing and says that she has a very big imagination. Candy is very surprised by his reaction and they begin to argue. The boy even makes fun of her freckles.

At that time Georges comes and the boy leaves there. Georges tells Candy that he is a member of one of the noblest families in England.

The following morning, the ship arrives at London. Archie and Stear came to welcome Candy. When she gets off the ship, she sees the boy she met the previous night but they don't speak to each other.

She goes on the phaeton with Archie, Stear and Georges. Georges tells them that it is forbidden to keep animals in the college, that's why they must bring Klin to a zoo. Meantime, a fast car passes hooting. It is driven by the boy she met the previous night...

The horses get scared and stop immediately. Klin makes use of that and he quickly escapes. Candy follows him. When she finds him, she sees that he is about to be killed by a hunter. The hunter shoots at him and he falls from the tree where he was hiding. In fact he isn't hurted but he pretends to be dead. That gives an idea to Stear who sees that Candy and Klin don't won't to be separated from each other: if Klin pretends to be dead, people will think he is a fur and he'll be able to stay in the college. Thus Candy takes Klin on her shoulders and they go to different places to try. Everybody thinks that Klin is a fur and some people don't even notice him.

Before going to the college, Candy wants to see Uncle William and in spite of Georges' efforts to prevent them, Candy, Archie and Stear go to the Hotel Savoy where he is used to stay. But Georges informs immediately Mr William and he leaves the hotel before they arrive. When Candy, Stear and Archie enter to his room, they see the guy that Candy met in the ship. In fact, the guy's room is next to that room and he has just wanted to visit that room. While he goes back to his room, he gives to Candy a letter that Mr William left for Candy.

In the letter, Mr William tells Candy to work for her lessons instead of trying to see him.

Finally Candy and her friends go to the college. A nun welcomes them severely because they are late.

And thus Candy's new life at the college begins.

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