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Episode 46

Candy thinks about what she can write in her diary but nothing comes to her mind. Then she sees Patty who writes in her own diary and wants to know about what she's writing. She sees that she writes about Stear, and Patty blushes.

Then Annie runs towards them. She looks very worried and says that Terry is going to kill Archie. Then they go and see that Terry and Archie are fighting with swords and Stear is watching them waiting his turn to fight Terry in case Archie loses.

Candy tries to get their attention to stop them but they continue. Finally Archie's sword breakes flying towards Stear who loses conscience and while Terry attacks Archie with his sword to kill him Annie loses conscience. But Terry stops his sword on Archie's throat and doesn't hurt him.

Then he says to be more careful the next time and leaves there. Archie is shocked by his reaction, meanwhile Candy and Patty try to wake up Annie and Stear. Then when they return to their room, Annie asks Candy to tell Terry to leave Archie alone. So Candy goes to Terry's house. While looking for him, she goes to the hangar and sees a plane. Then Terry comes and says that his father left it there and it is broken. Candy asks him if he wants it to be repaired and Terry says it would be good. Candy leaves quickly surprising him. She goes to tell Stear about it and Stear is really excited as he wants to fly in a plane a lot. So they force Archie to go there with him so that he helps his brother to repair it. When they arrive Stear thanks Terry for letting him repair it while Archie is still angry for being there. Later the girls are in their room wondering if the boys fight again. Meanwhile Terry goes to the hangar hearing that Archie and Stear are talking about him and he fights with Archie again as he accuses him for talking behind people. But while they fight something very big falls towards Archie who can't move quickly. Terry pushes him and saves his life.

Archie is surprised but Terry just says that he didn't want to lose someone he can fight with and leaves there. Later the three girls leave the dorm secretly and go to prepare something to eat for the boys. Meantime Terry goes to see the plane and decides to help them to repair it.

Finally they succeed to repair it and the girls who finished to cook congratulate them. Then they all go to eat having a good time together and later they carry the plane outside so that they see if it really works. Stear goes on the plane and flies but after a little while the plane falls but nothing happens to Stear and they all laugh together.

Later, Terry and Candy are alone lying on the grass. Terry tells her that that plane was important to him because his father flied with it and he met his mother during one of his trips. Then he asks Candy if she wants to dance. So they dance but suddenly Terry stops and kisses Candy on the lips.

Candy is very surprised and she slaps him. Then they slap each other, Candy says that he isn't a good person and Terry is angry because of her reaction...

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