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Episode 5

Candy will go to Leagons' mansion. She says good-bye to Miss Pony and Sister Maria who give her pajamas and a necklace with a cross.

Candy wants to leave while the children are sleeping as she thinks it's difficult to say them good-bye. In the morning, John is very upset to learn about Candy's departure as he wants to show Candy that he didn't wet his bed for the first time.

Candy tries to stop her racoon Klin to follow her but in the end she lets him come as he doesn't want to listen. Suddenly someone catches her with a rope. It's Tom with his father.

They take Candy to the mansion. Candy tells them that she is adopted by the Leagon family. Tom's father becomes serious when he hears that name and when they arrive, he tells her to be happy no matter what happens. Tom gives his rope to Candy as a present and he leaves with his father.

Candy walks towards the mansion. She is amazed by the magnificent view. Suddenly someone throws a pail of water on her and laughes. It's Neil and his sister Elisa, the Leagons' children.

Candy gets angry and catches Neil with her rope on the arm. Neil and Elisa are scared and call to help. Then Mrs Leagon scolds Candy and tells her that she is just Elisa's lady companion. Candy understands that she isn't adopted. She also meets Dorothy, a kind maid.

Then Elisa and Neil let their cat attack Dorothy while she walks up the stairs. She falls from the stairs and Candy attacks Neil and Elisa to make them pay for what they did. Mrs Leagon scolds Candy again and asks her to beg pardon. Candy doesn't want to but they say they will expel Dorothy if she doesn't. So she begs pardon on her knees swallowing her pride.

Then she goes to her room and cries. Dorothy comes to calm her down. Then Candy sees a picture. It's a portrait of her "Prince of the Hill". It gives Candy hope to see him again and she feels much better. She writes to Miss Pony and Sister Maria to tell them the happy things that happened to her...

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