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Episode 54

Candy finally arrives at the port of Southampton, and asks for the company advised by Mr Carson, but nobody seems to have heard about it. Finally she asks a child who wants to carry her suitcase, and he takes her where it is. As she was expecting a great company, she is surprised to see the sailors' state.

She wants to leave there, but in the end she understands that they are the people that Mr Carson talked about; the captain went to school with him. Thus, the big shipping company turns out to be a small boat.

Suddenly Candy hears the sound of Terry's harmonica, but when she goes to its source, she sees that it's the boy, who wanted to carry her suitcase, who plays it.

His name is Cookie and he says that it's Terry who has given it to him. He tells her that when he met him, Terry was wandering through the city, and he guided him to a hotel where Terry invited him to eat. Cookie wanted to play Terry's harmonica but Terry did not let him saying that it was very special for him and he promised that he'd buy him a harmonica and teach him how to play.

Candy is looking forward to go and find him. The company has a job for three days and can't bring Candy, but she asks the captain to put her in a boat, even secretly... Thus they put Candy in an uncomfortable box and her travel to America begins...

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