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Episode 6

Candy wakes up in Leagons' house and feels ready for a nice day. The servants are talking about her in the kitchen as they are amazed by her boldness towards Elisa and Neil. When she comes in, they tell her that they will be on her side. Candy wants to help them with work as it makes her feel useful.

While she cleans the stairs, Elisa and Neil throw their cat which dirties everywhere. Candy is upset and Krin attacks the cat. Both animals destroy a whole room. Mrs Leagon scolds Candy and tells her that she shouldn't do anything else than being Elisa's companion. Krin and the cat fight again and Mrs Leagon asks Candy to throw Krin out.

Candy brings Krin on the road and tells him to go to Pony's Home. But Krin keeps following her so she decides to tie him to the tree and tells him that he should gnaw the rope and go to Pony's. Finally, she can't stand leaving him there and decides to hide him in the stable.

When she comes back to the mansion she pretends she is crying to convince the Leagon children that she sent Krin away. Later Dorothy brings her a letter, secretly from Elisa and Neil. It's from Pony's Home so Candy runs to the stable to read it with Krin. Elisa and Neil see them but they decide not to tell anything for the moment as they think the longer she keeps the secret the longer she will be unpeaceful.

Candy and Krin read the letters from Miss Pony, Sister Maria and John. Suddenly Neil takes the letters from her hand. While Candy tries to take them back, she drops the Prince's brooch. Neil asks her where she stole it. Meanwhile Krin is also running behind Candy and Neil and Elisa threatens her to tell her mother about Krin if she doesn't give them the brooch. Candy refuses it and they want to throw it on the river.

Finally, Candy cries from her rage. Neil tells him he will give it back if she kneels and begs pardon. Candy runs taking the brooch quickly and gets away. She decides to never return to the Leagon mansion and cries a long moment. Then she hears a boy's voice telling her not to cry, that she's prettier when she smiles than when she cries.

The boy looks exactly the same than her Prince. Candy rubs her eyes to be sure she isn't dreaming and puts mud on her face. They laugh at that and the boy repeats her that she is prettier when she smiles. Candy closes her eyes one second and when she opens them, he isn't there anymore. She is in front of a rose garden and sees the same brooch on the door. Candy hopes to see her Prince one more time and promises that she won't cry again. So she decides to stay at the Leagons' despite everything and when she comes back she tells them that she doesn't care about how mean they will be to her. In the house, Mrs Leagon scolds Candy for being outside so many hours. She doesn't seem to know about Krin but Candy is sure that Elisa and Neil have other things on their mind to hurt her. But this time, she is ready and she won't give up. The hope of seeing her Prince again is enough to make her happy.

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