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Episode 62

Candy waits for a letter from the nursing school Mary Jane, where Miss Pony has written for Candy, Sister Mary suddenly comes into the room and says he can't find the children. Candy finds them testing a child who will be the next boss after Jimmy, who will go to live with Mr Cartright.

Then Mr Mathew arrives with a letter for Miss Pony. Candy is accepted at the nursing school and the children are sad that she'll go. But the new boss tells them to accept Candy's decision.

Candy wants to leave as soon as possible so that children aren't sad when she goes. She explains to Klin that he can't come with her as he's dirty.In the night Klin steals some soap from the children. Candy thinks that he did it to be expelled from Pony's home. But later, she sees that he did it because she told him he's dirty and he wanted to have a bath.

Candy tries to catch him with a rope so that he doesn't follow him, but he understands it and runs away. He goes to Mr Cartright's ranch. Jimmy finds him and brings him back to Pony's home. The children have guessed that Candy will go and they have woken up early to say her goodbye. They all go to the station. Jimmy takes Klin in his arms but he escapes and runs after Candy's train, even if he can't reach it...

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