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Episode 63

Candy arrives at the city and she sees an old woman crossing the road without looking around her. She saves her just before a car bumps into her, but the old woman blames her for not being able to cross instead of thanking her. Candy asks where she is going and the woman says to the hospital. Candy knows that the school is near the hospital so she decides to accompany her.

When she arrives at the academy, they say that she can't see the director in a while so Candy decides to walk around the place. She meets the old woman again and they walk together.

They sit at a park and the old woman says that she's hungry. So Candy goes to buy some food. On the way she sees a man who is sleeping on a bench and she puts the shawl of the old woman above him so that he doesn't catch a cold. She brings some hamburgers and a jar of milk to the old woman and she doesn't have any other money to buy another. The old woman tells her that she must pass an exam to become a nurse. Candy is afraid as if she fails she doesn't have money to go back to Pony's home.

Later the woman has to go and Candy wants to take back the shawl but the man has disappaired. She promises to bring it to the hospital but she can not find it, so she decides to work to buy another one. When she realizes that it's already very late, she comes running to the school where the director has been waiting for her since one hour. Candy is surprised as the director is the old woman. The woman says that she passed her exam as Candy has taken care of her properly thinking that she's sick, but she asks her to be more serious.

Later, a nurse brings Candy to her room.

Her name is Franny and they will share the same room. She's a very cold person but Candy is still happy as her career will begin soon...

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