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Episode 64

Candy is an excellent nurse and all the patients are thankful to her... But this is juste a beautiful dream Candy makes. Franny wakes her up for her first lesson. It's a lesson with practice where they should take the patients' temperatures. At first, Candy can't do it properly and the director calls her careless. The patients have fun with Candy making her believe that they have high temperatures. Franny tells Candy that they do that to every new nurse. Candy helps Franny to take a walk with a little girl. Candy wants to do it alone but suddenly the girl feels bad. The director gets angry at Franny as she let the patient to Candy and at Candy as she for beign so careless. The girl thought that Candy was kind with her because she was going to die. So Candy begs her pardon and goes to give the patients' meal. They try to make another joke but this time, Candy understands. Then she gives a child his dinner but this time she isn't very kind and the child begins to cry. The director scold her again but then forgives her.

After the lessons, Candy writes to her friends and wishes that the next time they see her, she'll be a great nurse.

She admires the director as she always knows every patient's needs and that's why she reminds her of Miss Pony.

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