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Episode 65

Franny has to take care of the patient in the special room. The other nurses gossip about Candy and Franny doesn't want her to take her place. The patient continue on making jokes to Candy, or "Miss Careless", and the director see that since Candy's arrival they look happier. She works hard to take care of them and she is happy to see them happy.

Franny doesn't like that she is so popular amongst the patient, as since the first day, everybody talks about Candy. In the night, Candy hears Franny crying, but Franny doesn't want to talk to her and says that she doesn't like her as she puts her nose into everything. The next day, Candy hears Franny telling that she isn't a maid but the patient in the special room treats her like one and she says she can't stand it anymore. Candy asks her what kind of person he is, and they describe her someone like Uncle William. Besides, the patient's name is also William. Candy tells Franny that she wants to take care of him in her place. That night, Candy can't sleep thinking how close she is to Uncle William. There are so many things she wants to thank him for...

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