Life goes on... (by Mallory Quinn)

Chapter 10 : "The Engagement"

Terry and Georgie were having dinner at the restaurant’s hotel, and having a fabulous time. The duke had dinner in his room. He was having trouble seeing his friend and his ex lover getting together. He was more hurt than he thought he was be, he was surprised by his reaction. Eleonor Baker, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; he had to have her, and he did… She even got pregnant with their child, but instead of doing the honourable thing and marry her…He took the child and married another woman his family had chosen for him…

Fernand Gerald was his friend and he helped him a lot during his ordeal, especially after his brother died… Richard was with him when he found his daughter, they had been friends forever. But having his best friend with the woman he loves… that was harder than he thought it would be. He didn’t know his feelings for Eleonor were still so strong. But that’s what life is about, it’s about choices, you have to live with the consequences of your choices you made.

Eleonor was living in a dream. Her best friend’s widower… She was not feeling bad. Maybe she and Fernand were sharing their grief, but the two of them getting together almost seemed natural…They had dinner in her suite, then coffee in the sitting room.

- You have made me very happy Ellie

- You’ve made me happy too, dear

- You’re more beautiful than I remember

- Oh my God! They heard

They let go of each other.

- Mum!

- Dad!

- What are you two doing? Said Terry

Daddy! Said Georgie in tears, how could you do this to me?

- Mum, how could you be so selfish! Said Terry

- The two of you, together! How could you? Said Georgie in tears

- That’s so disgusting! Said Terry, hugging Georgie , you see how upset you made her…

Georgie’s father was stunned.

- Sweetheart, he said, why are you upset?

- I thought there was only one woman for you ! Said Georgie, my mother!

- And mum, I thought dad was the love of your life! Now you’re kissing Earl Gerald and about to… I can’t even think about it, that’s so disgusting!

Both parents were trying to adjust the clothes they were earlier trying to take off.

- Georgie, said Fernand

- How could you do this to me? She said upset

Mum, said Terry I am so disappointed in you! You’re having sex with Earl Gerald!???!!! Somebody kill me now!

- Terry…

- Out of wedlock? Didn’t having me taught you something? Said Terry

- Young man, said Earl Gerald , I can assure you that I’m going to marry your mother…

WHAT??? Said Georgie and Terry

- I will certainly not let what happened with your father repeat itself, he continue

Eleonor was looking at him with love… He bent on one knee and took something from his pocket.

- Eleonor Baker, will you marry me? I wanted to propose to you the night of the ball, but now is just as good time as any…

“The moment given by chance is better than the chosen moment…”, said Eleonor, oh Fernand!

- I love you Eleonor

- I love you too… yes, I’ll marry you!

He put the ring on her finger and stood up to hug her hard and kiss her in front of the kids!

- Ok, said Terry

- Don’t mind us, said Georgie

The parents stopped and looked at them…

- Would you two stop it now! Said Eleonor

- What? Said Terry

- I’m an actress too Terry and I know an act when I see one! Said Eleonor

- I told you we wouldn’t be able to fool her! Said Georgie

- We had to try, said Terry

“You don’t teach an old monkey how to make faces”, said Eleonor

- What’s with the citations mum! Said Terry

She gave him a look.

- Congratulations! He said smiling

Eleonor smiled. Terry marched to her and hugged her. Georgie went and hug her father.

- I’m so happy for you, said Georgie

- You’re ok with this? It was just an act? He asked her

- Yes, daddy! Said Georgie laughing, I’m happy for you two

Then she hugged Eleonor and Terry shook Earl Gerald’s hand.

- You two had me going there for a minute, said Earl Gerald

- That was fun! Said Georgie

- Now children, I don’t want to see rude, but can you leave us now, said Eleonor

- Yeah you can of interrupted us earlier…, said Earl Gerald

- Interrupted what? Said Terry

- They were making out, said Georgie

- Making what? Pretended Terry

- You know, said Georgie, expressing their affection

- Affection…

- I’ll just show you…

They looked at each other. Terry leaned and took her lips. She put her arms around his neck and responded to the kiss…

The parents looked at them for a while, a little stunned. The young couple was getting more passionate…

- All right, you made your point, said Eleonor

Terry and Georgie stopped. They looked at each other.

- Georgie, let’s go, said her father, Ellie , I’ll see you later

- Bye, said Eleonor

- Bye Terry, said Georgie with a little voice

- Bye…, said Terry

Georgie left with her father. Terry went to sit on the couch, a little puzzled.

- Happy now? Said Eleonor

- I…

- What’s the matter? Isn’t it the result you wanted, you stopped me from…

- Mum! Please! Said Terry

- What’s wrong?... Oh…. The kiss with Georgie! It was the first time you kissed her right?

- Yes…

- And?

- I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much…

- Well I’m glad you are… you’re going to marry her.

- It’s an arranged marriage, though I really enjoy her company, I never thought that

- You’d be desiring her too…?

- No, desire is a natural body reaction to a beautiful girl, mum

- You like Georgie… you liked the kiss more than you thought you were…

- It’s so confusing…

- You’re going to see Candy at the ball, you know that?

- Yes…

- Get some closure…

- This is so weird! For the longest time, I wanted only Candy… then the break up, Susanna… Georgie… I will love Candy forever…

- That doesn’t mean you can’t have feelings for Georgie… Terry, take it from me, you can love someone in a different way. You will never forget Candy, but you can love someone else, differently…

- I’m going to go to my room, said Terry

Bye baby…

Terry left the room to go to his suite, still a little upset by his findings.

Georgie was with her father in their suite.

- Why did you take me away like that? She asked

- Because you were kissing?

- I was kissing the man I’m going to marry… isn’t it what you wanted?

- Yes, but… Eleonor told me about Terry, how much he was in love with another girl…

- And I was in love too, remember? This is a fresh start with Terry…

- Yes, but…I just don’t want you to be hurt

- I know, but I’m a big girl, I’ve been hurt before, I’ll survive…I like Terry a lot… and I want to go see him, now…

- Georgie…

- I’ll see you later, daddy…

Georgie got out of the suite and she went to Terry’s suite. He opened the door. They looked at each other. He took her arm, pulled her in, closed the door and they started kissing again…


The day of the big ball finally arrived. It was crazy at the house. The new dresses, the hairdressers, the caterers, servers, the music, the orchestra.

Albert and Carolyn were standing at the door to greet their guests. A lot of women were sulking, Albert was no longer single.

Candy was in the bedroom with Annie.

- Annie are you ready?

- In a minute, honey, she said

- Let’s go…

They went downstairs, the guests were there, the room was full. There was not way to see anybody.

- Do you see anybody? Said Candy

- No, said Annie, but I need to sit down…

- Let’s look for a chair for you…

Candy and Annie looked for a place to sit and a server brought them some juice.

* *

Terry arrived with his parents, his fiancée and her father. Albert greeted them at the door.

- Terry! Said Albert hugging him!

- Albert! Congratulations!, said Terry

- This is Carolyn Casey, my fiancée

Terry looked at Carolyn with his mouth open

- Pleased to meet you. Is it just me of she looks a lot like Candy? He asked

- It’s not just you, said Carolyn smiling, Candy is my niece

- Niece?

- It’s a long story, said Albert

- Pleased to meet you , said Carolyn, I’ve seen you on stage, you were magnificent…

- Thank you , said Terry smiling, so Candy is your niece?

- Thus the resemblance, said Carolyn

- I can see, said Terry, well this is my fiancée Georgie Gerald, Georgie, this Albert a very good friend of mine

It was Albert’s turn to be stunned.

- Georgie Gerald? He said

- Pleased to meet you, said Georgie smiling

- My turn, said Albert, is it just me of she looks a lot like Candy?

Terry smiled.

- Well I’m not sure if she’s related to Candy, said Terry

- Welcome, said Albert smiling, have fun!

- Yes, Carolyn you look like Candy… thank you for coming

Archie arrived to speak to Albert, and he saw Terry and Georgie.

- Grandchester, he said

- Cornwell…

- You’ve got a new fiancée?

- As a matter of fact, this is Georgie Gerald, said Terry

- Pleased to meet you, said Archie kissing her hand

- Likewise, said Georgie smiling

- Have you know Terrence for long?

- Not for very long, said Georgie

- Yeah, my father brought me a bride, said Terry

- Aren’t you the lucky one, said Archie, and she happens to look like Candy! Did you give him a picture or something?

- Very funny said Terry who was getting annoyed

- Archie, said Albert

- Uncle Albert, you and Terry found fiancée who both look like Candy? Should we read anything into that? Continued Archie

- Did you have something to tell me Archie? Asked Albert

- Yes, the great aunt is asking for you

- Tell her I’ll be there in 10 minutes, said Albert

- All right. Welcome Terry, Miss Gerald

Archie left. He was so absorbed with Terry’s business that he didn’t noticed Eleonor Baker was in the back, waiting to greet the hosts. Terry got in. Albert greeted Eleonor, the duke and Earl Gerald.

* *

Candy was looking for Alistair, after she made sure Annie was fine. She found Alistair with Joe talking with some girl.

- Candy! Said Alistair when he saw her, you look beautiful…

- Thanks you…

She was wearing a beautiful red dress, her hair was down and curly.

- I think it’s time for the family to go stand behind Albert and his fiancée.

- All right, said Alistair, Joe?

- I’m going to be fine… you guys go ahead

Candy walked at Alistair’s arm and they both went to stand behind Albert.

It was time to open the dance floor. The great aunt did her speech, then Albert and Carolyn were invited to open the dance floor, followed by his nephews and nieces, and the guests. While they were dancing, Carolyn spoke to Albert.

- Honey?

- Yes?

- I’m thinking about what your nephew said, about that actor…

- Terry?

- Yes, how he’s got a fiancée that looks a lot like Candy… you did tell me he was with Candy before?

- Yes …

- And I reminded you of Candy…

- What are you insinuating

- That the both of you were in love with my niece, manage to find look a likes?

- Carolyn… I love you

- I know you do…

- I love Candy, she’s my daughter, I adopted her… it’s brotherly love

- Do you feel sisterly love when you’re with me?

- You know I love you as a woman darling, I’ve prove it to you…

- Yes, you did…and I love you

- I love you.

Albert closed his eyes; he was sweating there for a while. His love for Candy… was more visible than he thought. She was his daughter, and he would just have to hide behind that.

Candy was dancing with Alistair, Archie was dancing with Annie, and Eliza was dancing with Brandon Sutton. The grieving widower had found in Eliza a good listener. She would do whatever he wanted to remind him of Lacy… Neil was dancing with a girl he was dating, she had blond hair. Mr and Mrs Reagan were also dancing, so were Carolyn’s family.

Eleonor was looking at the dance floor. Candy was dancing with a charming young man. She also looked for her son and she saw him looking at Candy…

“Please God. Let everything be fine in the end” She thought

Terry was there, standing next to Georgie looking at Candy dancing with Alistair. They seemed… kind of closed. He felt a vibe there…

“The inventor? Candy and the inventor? That’s so hard to see! Maybe I’m just imagining things … but I can read the body language… something is going on between them! Her chubby friend is no where in sight! I can only see her shy friend…”

Georgie was holding his arm and she followed his eyes.

- Is that her, dancing with the guy with glasses? The blonde one with the red dress? She asked

- Yes, said Terry

- Is that her boyfriend?

- I know he’s her cousin…but since she’s adopted…I guess he could be her new beau…

Georgie held his arm tighter.

- I know this is hard for you, said Georgie

- Thanks for understanding, said Terry

- You need closure, Terry… or not. Come was may!

When the dance was over, everybody clapped their hands. Terry took Georgie outside to breathe some fresh air. They bumped into a couple.

- Oops! Sorry, said the girl laughing

She looked up…

- Terry! She said

- Good evening Miss Freckles, said Terry with a mocking smile

Candy looked at him astonished. Terry was in front of her, and she forgot the rest of the world existed…so did he…

Alistair and Georgie looked at the scene…



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