Life goes on... (by Mallory Quinn)

Chapter 12 : "Life is worth living"

Candy woke up in her mother's bed, happy. She didn't know what she had been missing before, as she never had a mother. She was happy to feel surrounded by her mother's love. She remembered what she had told Terry and Eleanor in Scotland. Terry didn't know his luck, having a mother just for him. Now, Candy had her own mom... Her mom gave her a big hug.

-Good morning, sweetie.

-Good morning, mom.

-How are you?

-I love being in your arms thus... I missed you.

-Oh baby, I missed you too... I am so happy to have found you.

-You recognized me at once...

-I don't know what it was, but when I saw you, I felt you were my child...

-The voice of blood, said Candy, Caroline said I must be a lost member of the family... Because I looked like her...

-Indeed, I wondered how your adoptive father chose a woman who looked like you... And then your ex-boyfriend has a fiancée who looks like you...

-You think Albert chose Caroline because she looked like me and Terry too...?

-What do you think?

-It's a coincidence, said Candy who didn't want to think Albert was in love with her.

-Fine, if you say so. Alistair was going out with your best friend.

-She didn't look like me, said Candy smiling.

-Thankfully! Said Sabrina.

-I miss him, Alistair I mean...

-He's nice...

-Very nice... Very reasonable in general, and that's why I can't comprehend the scene he made...

-He caught you kissing your ex-boyfriend.

-It was a goodbye kiss...

-If you had caught him kissing his ex-girlfriend? Would you have been comprehensive...?

Candy thought for a moment, imagined Alistair and Patty, and felt no jealousy, then she imagined Alistair with another girl and her heart squeezed... Would she have understood? She felt what Alistair must have felt seeing her kiss Terry. She took him for granted...

-You know what I would like to do? Said Sabrina.

-No, said Candy.

-I want us to go to Pony Home, so I can thank your two mothers myself... I'll never thank them enough for taking care of you. You are a remarkable young lady!

-Thanks mom, said Candy smiling, OK, let's go to Pony Home.

Mother and daughter got ready and went down to the dining room where they found the whole family eating breakfast.

-Good morning everybody, they said in unison.

-Sabrina, said her mother, I think I've never seen you as radiant with joy.

-I slept with my baby, mom, you can't imagine how happy I am...

-We are going to Pony Home, said Candy.

-Yes, said Sabrina, I want to thank those two ladies who took care of my child... She is a remarkable young woman.

-A nurse like her aunt, said Candy's grandfather.

-I like to help people, said Candy smiling.

-Concerning Pony Home, said Candy's grandmother, we could thank them with financial help...

-Yes, said Sabrina, smiling while looking at her daughter.

The sun was rising, the sun was setting, whether it rained, snowed or was windy, was unimportant to Sabrina Casey, life was beautiful and all these days were beautiful, she had her child back, everything was wonderful. Candy was with her mother and wouldn't leave her side. They did everything together. They went to Pony Home. Sabrina wanted to thank Miss Pony and Sister Lane for taking care of her daughter. They had brought food and clothes for the children.

-Oh my God Candy, said Miss Pony, you are both generous.

-Thank you Miss Pony and Sister Maria, said Sabrina, for taking care of my child while I couldn't...

-Had we known Candy had a mother, we would've brought her to your family...

-But you didn't know, said Sabrina.

-I was happy here mother, said Candy, I wanted to stay here forever... It's when I went to the Leagan's I started to suffer.

Sabrina held her daughter in her arms.

-I beg your forgiveness, sweetie, for all the suffering you had to endure.

-You are here now, mom...

-I will not let nobody hurt you.

-Thank you mom, thank you...

Candy and her mother had a good time at Pony Home...


Meanwhile at the Andrew mansion, Alistair spent his time working. He didn't want to think about Candy, so he worked, only it wasn't helping, he kept thinking only about her. He couldn't confide in his brother, since Archie was being happy about the situation.

Archie was glad to see Candy and his brother broken up. His wife was mad at him.


-I didn't know you were so petty... Your brother is suffering!

-It's not my fault!

-He's your best friend! Weren't you glad when your brother came back from the dead?

-Yes, said Archie.

-Don't you want him to be happy?

-Of course I do, he's my brother...

-He lost Patricia... He got closer to Candy... Candy had lost Terry... Alistair came back when Candy needed him... Archie, I know you are jealous, but Alistair is suffering. He loves Candy. Now be a kind brother and go cheer him up...

Archie realized he had acted like a cad towards his brother with his misplaced jealousy.

-You are right, my dear, said Archie sheepish.

He left the room to see his brother who was working in his workshop. He went in and found Alistair deep in concentration.

-Hello bro, he said.

-You came to gloat? Asked Alistair.

-No, I wanted to apologize Alistair, I was jealous of your relationship...

-I've loved her... From the start...

-Yes I remember the day we were searching for her you said she was more important to you than your beloved inventions... You are romantic... In your own way...

-I doubted her...

-You saw her kissing Grandchester, my blood would have boiled... I would've hit him.

-Well, I'm not as hot-blooded as you...

-Give her time, she'll come back and you can talk.

-I know I'm not mad anymore... I miss her too much...

-Then go get her...

-Shouldn't I wait for her here?

-And what if she likes living with her mom so much she doesn't come back here?

-You think that's what will happen?

-She's never had a mother and hers wanted to make up for lost time and never let her go...

-But won't I be bothering them?

-Alistair, all is fair in love and war.

-I don't really like a proverb about war...

-Sorry bro, but you know what I mean...

-Yes, I see... And if she doesn't want to come?

-At least you can tell her how you feel about her...

-Thanks, bro...

Alistair finished his work and went to see Albert in his study.

-Are you ok Alistair?

-Yes, I'd like to go see Candy, he replied.


-I want to say I'm sorry and tell her I love her...

-She'll be happy to hear that.

-Do you know how she is?

-She's spending time with her mom, she's in heaven...

-She doesn't think of me at all?

-You'll have to ask her that yourself...

-That's why I'm here...


Candy was still at her parents' and was expecting guests for lunch. Candy was near her mother who was being wooed by a very distinguished and elegant man.

-Sabrina, you haven't told me you had such a charming daughter...

-Well, now you know my secret, said Sabrina.

-It doesn't change at all what you are, said the man smiling.

Other guests arrived and Candy recognized Albert, Caroline and Alistair. Her eyes brightened up.

-Dearest? Said Sabrina, whose eyes followed hers, Oh...

-He came, mom, he came to get me...

Candy walked towards them smiling. Albert hugged her hard.

-My little Candy, he said smiling.

-Good evening Albert! Said Candy smiling too.

-Good evening Candy, said Caroline

-Aunt Caroline, said Candy hugging her.

Then she turned towards Alistair.

-Good evening Candy.

-Good evening Alistair...

-May I speak with you?

-Of course, she said, bringing him in her grandfather's study while the others went to welcome other guests and family members.

They went in the study and shut the door.

-I'm sorry!

They had both spoken at the same time and burst out laughing.

-Let me start. I love you Candy, ever since I first met you... I had decided to keep it quiet, but had never believed that the opportunity to tell you would come someday, even less to be with you. Forgive me for doubting you. I should've understood that you had to say goodbye to Terry...

-And I should have understood how seeing me kiss Terry would be unnerving for you... Oh Alistair, I missed you so much! Said Candy throwing herself in his arms.

-I missed you too Candy...

He looked for her lips and kissed her impetuously.

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They stopped.

-You remember the day you were missing with Albert and we were looking all over for you?

-If I remember? Anthony slapped me...

-He was very worried...

-I know... I was smiling, happy to see him again...

-I was worried too, I don't know if I told you before, but I was more worried than for my inventions, and that's saying quite a lot!

-Oh Alistair!!!! Said Candy laughing, I love you!!

Then he let her go and dropped on one knee.

-Candy White Andrew, will you marry me? Said Alistair.

Candy looked at him, touched, her eyes shining with tears.

-Yes Alistair, she answered smiling.

He put the emerald ring on her fingers and got up to kiss her.

They went to announce their good news to the family. Everybody congratulated them.

-It looks like we'll be having another wedding in the family, said Albert smiling.

-We'll wait for Alistair's parents to come, said Candy.

-Meanwhile we can start our company, said Alistair.

-About the company, said Jared Casey, I would like to know more so I can invest in it...

-I could talk about it from morning until night, M. Casey...


Alistair and his friend Joe's company was launched just before Albert's wedding. There was a big reception. Archie decided to invest in his brother's company to show his support and also because a lot of serious investors wanted to join their cause.

Albert's wedding was going to be grand and all the big names were invited.

Terry received an invitation. He talked to Georgie about it.

-You want to go? She asked.

-I don't think so... He answered.

-You don't want to see her again.

-Why torture myself?

-You're right...

-Moreover, my father wants me to go with him to England...

-That's good timing...

-I've got a perfect excuse, I'm leaving on a trip...

Georgie looked at him.

-Will you be OK, Terry?

-I've read the news of her engagement to Alistair... I'll be OK, thanks.

He hugged Georgie close to him and she tenderly soothed him.

-I love you Georgie, said Terry, surprising himself with this declaration.

-I love you Terry, she said smiling.

He found her lips and kissed her with passion.

-Let's go to England to start life anew, my dear.

-I would follow you to the end of the world, my love...

Terry left America with Georgie and the Duke for London where Terry married Georgie...

Eleanor and Fernand accompanied them to England for the wedding and came back to the States just in time for Albert and Caroline's wedding. Eleanor and Fernand then secretly got married.


The day of Candy and Alistair's wedding, Annie was pregnant to her teeth. She was a bridesmaid... The ceremony rolled along fine, so did the reception. Annie was having labour pains, but said nothing until it became unbearable. Candy looked at her closely.

-Annie? Do you have something to tell us?

-Oh Candy... Can you call Archie?


She walked towards Archie who was joyfully bringing her to the dance floor.

-My new sister-in-law! He said smiling.

-Archie..., said Candy.

-Tell me you're happy...

-I am happy Archie... But...

-Me too, I'm happy for my brother who could marry the woman he loves... The woman we all love; me, Alistair, Anthony, Albert...


-I am very happy for my brother... Who won the jackpot...



-The labor has started...

-Pardon me?

-The baby is coming!!!

-Oh, oh!!! We must go to the hospital!

-No panic, said Candy, let's go quietly...

Calmly, they went to the table where Annie was sitting.

-Are you OK, dear? Asked Archie tenderly, squatting near his wife.

-The baby, said Annie breathless.

-Why didn't you say anything?

-Well it didn't hurt me much at first, I didn't want to spend hours in the hospital while everybody was having fun here, and being worried for me.

-But it's my job to worry for you, my dear, said Archie.

-Sister-in-law, said Alistair, you shouldn't endure that...

-I couldn't miss your wedding... I was a bridesmaid...

-Oh Annie, said Candy softly.

They went to the hospital without telling the others. The Cornwell parents had followed them.

Annie had a beautiful little baby with black hair, Alistair's portrait... Everybody was happy.

-Alistair, she said, I wanted to name the baby "Alistair" when we thought you were...

-Dead? He said smiling.

-Yes... But as you're back, and we don't want any confusion, I will call him James Alistair...

-That's perfect, and he looks like me! Thank you Annie.

-Yes bro, if you weren't presumed dead when that baby was conceived, I'd be wondering, said Archie.

-Archie! Cried Candy and Annie at the same time.

Everybody burst out laughing.

Candy and Alistair also had a baby nine months later, a little boy named "Patrick" in honor of Patricia who looked like his father and a little girl named "Skye" in honor of the sky his father loved so much, who looked like her mother. James and Patrick were like twins, they looked so much alike.

Alistair's friend Joe had made a fortune with him and was caring for his family. He married a really pretty young woman and had children with her. Eliza Leagan tried everything to seduce him, to no effect. Her family stayed away after the humiliation of the Casey's, they made themselves scarce.

Candy's mother had remarried and lived close to her daughter, they spent a lot of time together. As she was still young, she had other kids who were the same age as her grand children, she was in paradise.

Albert and Caroline had kids too, who were the same age as his great-nephews and nieces... One of the advantages of being young, is being part of another generation and growing with it...

Terry and Georgie were happy and had a family : two boys Graham and Richard, who looked like Terry, and a small girl Eleanor-Sofia who looked like Georgie. Georgie was looking at her kids and thinking of her happy childhood with her brothers. She would make sure her little Eleanor-Sofia had all the love she had missed from her own mother.

Susanna Marlowe had found a shoe that fit her only foot and was happily living comfortably, she also founded a family.

Eleanor and Fernand also had kids. A boy and a girl and they lived happily because they hadn't seen their first children growing up.

Life is full of surprises. Candy would never have thought finding herself happily married to Alistair someday. She had found her mother, her family and had her own family as she had dreamed of when she was a little girl. She knew by Eleanor that Terry and Georgie were happy and had a family in England and that Terry was working for the Royal London Theater. She still worked as a nurse, but not as many hours since she became a mother. She saw to it that Alistair wasn't overworking, because even though his company was thriving, he would rather do things himself than delegate to others, especially regarding engineering. He liked to see his smiling wife coming to get him when he stayed late at the workshop.

Life had gone on and she had gone on with it... Life was wonderful, life was beautiful. Even when all seems lost, there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel, and if we are smart enough to grasp it, we can lead a very nice life.

"I know that life is worth living, that happiness is accessible, that it's simply to find our deepest vocation, and to give ourselves to what we love with a total abandonment of self." Romain Gary

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The End

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