Life goes on... (by Mallory Quinn)

Chapter 2: “The Shock…”

Candy hit the hospital floor rather loudly.

- CANDY!!!! Yelled Alistair and the nurses

Alistair stood up from his bed to go near Candy. The other nurses came running. Candy was on the floor unconscious. Alistair carried her to his bed.

- I’m going to get a doctor, said a nurse.

- No, said Alistair, it’s ok, she just fainted, she’s going to be fine. You see she’s my cousin and I’m supposed to have been killed at the war, sot she’s just a little shocked…

- All right, said the nurse. Closing the curtains on both sides to give them their privacy.

Alistair was looking at Candy. She hadn’t change, she was a few years older, but she looked exactly like the last time he saw her, she was a little more shaped like a woman, though. He blushed at his thoughts. What was he thinking…? Patty… He was with Patty; she was probably waiting for him. He had a lot to be forgiven for… He left without any warnings after promising he was not going to go…Now he was back and everything is going to be fine. He was going to marry her and have a family with her, after everything he’d been through at the war; he was not going to take a second for granted.

Candy was trying to open her eyes with difficulty. She finally started to open them after trying for a while. What happened? She was a nurse and she fainted when she had to take care of sick people!

“Oh my God, how lame is that?” She said in her head.

Then she remembered why she fainted and she suddenly opened her eyes.

- Alistair! She yelled again

Alistair was glad to hear that Candy called out his name.

- Yes, Candy, I’m here…, he said

Candy looked at him stunned.

- Oh my God! You’re here? You’re really here? I’m so happy to see you!!! Oh Alistair…!

He was smiling leaning over her. She was so excited wanting to hug him. He didn’t quite know what to do… Candy pulled him over to hug him, but she hit him on the shoulder with her right hand. He wanted to stand up straight again, but Candy was pulling him back to her. All that clumsiness had an expected result… Alistair’s lips ended up on Candy’s! She felt his tongue caressing hers for a few seconds and she closed her eyes, it felt good…But what the hell was happening? She pushed him away and she slapped him…

- How dare you kiss me? She said angry

- Ouch! Said Alistair, that’s a 180! I thought you were happy to see me?

- That doesn’t give you the right to kiss me!

- But…

- And I’m also angry at you!

- Why?

- Why? You were supposed to be dead!

- Gee, sorry for being alive!

- Why did you to that stupid war? You came to the train station with me, you should’ve told me you were leaving! I thought something was up with you… but I couldn’t put my finger on it… You were saying goodbye! How could you do that to all of us?! We loved you!

- I thought I was doing my duty…

Duty! There was that word again. Terry and her broke up because he had a duty to a girl who saved his life… she kind of hated that word.

- Your duty was to go to the war and die, break our hearts and then come back from the dead?

Alistair didn’t understand why she was so angry.

- Candy…

He looked at her. She was crying, for Patty. Patty was dead. Alistair got worried.

- Candy, he said, what’s going on? Why are you crying? Did something happen while I was gone?

- It’s not fair, said Candy hitting him with her fists, this so unfair…, why did you go to the war? It’s not fair!!! Not fair!!!!

- What’s not fair?

- Patricia…, said Candy calming down

- Something happened to Patricia? Did she get married or something?

- I wish…

- Candy, what’s wrong?

Candy took a little while to answer.

- It was not too long ago. I got a letter from her saying she was going to come to visit… but before she was able to leave, we got a phone call from her grandma Martha…Patricia is dead Alistair…

- WHAT???!!!! He said upset, but how?

- She was taking flying lessons…

- Flying lessons….? So this is my fault?

- No, Alistair

- Yes…it is. After the flight I gave you for your diploma, she admitted to me that she was a little jealous that I took you flying first. She said she wanted to share my passion… so I told her I was going to give her a ride too but she said she also wanted some flying lessons…and I promised her I will give her some. Then I left without telling her… but I wanted to come back and keep my promise to teach her how to fly…

- But you were “dead” so she decided to take flying lessons on her own…Oh Patty!

Alistair was devastated. She died like he had “died” in a plane crash. He blamed himself.

- Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault we thought you were dead… by the way, why aren’t you dead? You were supposed to be in heaven with Patty! She said hitting him again

- Candy…

He took her in his arms and she was crying. Poor Patty… The thought of Patty in heaven with Alistair … now …

- I’m sorry said Candy, wiping her tears. You’re alive Alistair, that’s the most wonderful news and I had to be the party pooper…

She hugged him hard.

- I’m so happy you came back from the dead…

- I’m glad to be back from the dead…

- You’re ready to go home?

- Home? Said Alistair

- Yes, I live at the mansion now…

- Oh, even better! Let’s go Candy!

- What about your check up?

- I’ll come back with you tomorrow, said Alistair

- All right. Let’s go, your brother might faint when he sees you…

- I hope he does, said Alistair; I’m going to make fun of him forever if he does…

- Why? Said Candy

- He made fun of me for fainting in Scotland during his sword fight with Terry…

Terry…Candy was sad. Alistair saw her face. He didn’t want to make her sad by talking about Terry. He knew they were not together anymore; he got letters from his brother…

- The sight of Archie fainting is going to be priceless, said Candy ignoring the Terry reference

- You got that right!

They burst out laughing. Alistair took his belongings. Candy’s shift was over, so they went outside where Archie had sent the driver for her. She told him that Archie and Annie were married and expecting a baby.

- So I’m going to have a little nephew or niece? That’s wonderful! I’ll tell you what happened to me when everybody is there, so I won’t have to repeat myself…, said Alistair

- I can’t wait to get home, said Candy and see everybody’s faces.

- Me neither, I wish I could film their reactions on camera…

- Candy was in Alistair’s arms in the car. She didn’t realise how good that made him feel, especially after learning the news about Patty. He closed his eyes. His hair was short, he had a 3 day beard and he still had his glasses. That 3 day beard made him look attractive.

“I feel like touching it…” said Candy.

Then she blushed. What was she thinking? They were not kids anymore…he was her cousin, so she can touch him, he’s always been her friend…So she raised her hand to his chin and she touched the growing beard…it was rough, it felt funny, it felt … good.

Alistair was dozing off in the car and he felt Candy’s hand touching his beard. Her hand was so soft, and she smelled so good… he stopped his line of thinking… because the car arrived at the mansion. Candy stopped touching the beard, when Alistair opened his eyes.

- I’m sorry, I just wanted to feel what it was like…, she said softly

- Anytime Candy, he said smiling.

They looked at each other. He was happy she was the first person he knew he saw. The driver opened the door.

- Are you ready Alistair? Said Candy

- Yes, let’s go Candy…

Candy and Alistair went up the stair and she rang the door. The butler opened the door.

- Good evening Miss Candy, said the butler

- Good evening Smithers, said Candy, are Mr. and Mrs. Cornwell in?

- Yes…

- Good.

Alistair was behind Candy. The butler recognised him and he opened his mouth. Candy put her index on her lips.

- Shuuut…, not a word, said Candy

- All right Miss Candy whispered the butler, welcome back Master Alistair!

- Thanks Smithers, said Alistair smiling

- There’s a dinner party tonight, Miss Candy, said Smithers

- Right! Well we’re going to have some entertainment then…

She got in with Alistair and they were walking when;

- Candy? Said Annie all dressed up for the dinner, is that you? I was waiting for you to pick up a dress; I don’t want anything too tight, I finally picked this one, what do you think?… Archie want to set you up with Brandon Sutton, you know the one who just lost his wife…Oh you’ve got someone with you… AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

And Annie fainted and she would’ve hit the floor if Alistair hadn’t caught her.

- Annie! He said

Archie was having a drink in the living when he heard his wife screaming her lungs out. He ran to the hallway.

- Annie? He said coming running, what’s … Oh my God! ALISTAIR???

- Hey bro what’s up? Said Alistair

Archibald couldn’t answer, because he joined his wife on the floor too! Alistair ran to him…

-I didn’t know I would have such an effect on my brother…, said Alistair with a mocking tone

- He’s very sensitive, said Candy laughing, Smithers, can you bring us some water and a towel?

- Yes, Miss Candy

- I’m so glad he fainted! He’s not going to hear the end of it! Said Alistair laughing

- You’re impossible! You know that Alistair? Said Candy laughing

Candy was holding Annie and Alistair was near his brother… Smithers arrived with some water in a bowl, and a towel. Candy put the towel in the bowl and she wiped Annie’s face, who started to come to.

- Annie? Said Candy, are you ok?

- Candy? What happened?

- You fainted…

- I fainted? Is my baby all right?

- Yes, don’t worry the baby is fine…

- Oh… then what…? Oh my God! Alistair! She said standing up… it’s you! It’s really you!!!

- Yes Annie… rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Annie jumped to his neck.

- Oh I’m so glad they were! She said crying and laughing at the same time, I’m so happy to see you!

- Me too sis in-law! He said laughing too

They hugged for a while, and then Annie saw her husband on the floor.

- Archie? She said

- He fainted too…

- What? Men faint too?

- What? We’re human too! Protested Alistair

- Alistair fainted in Scotland, remember? Said Candy

- I thought he was playing with us, said Annie laughing

They burst out laughing.

- I guess I should wipe his face with water too…, said Candy

- No, Candy, let me… I’ve dreaming of this moment for years…

- All right, said Candy handing him the towel and the bowl

Alistair took the bowl without the towel and to Candy and Annie’s big surprise, he spilled the water on Archie’s face!

- ALISTAIR!!! Said Candy and Annie

This last one was laughing. Archie felt the cold water on his face and he woke up.

- What the…? He said, I’m all wet, my silk shirt!!!!!

- Still the fashion police? Said Alistair laughing

- Alistair! You’re lucky you just came back from the dead; otherwise I would’ve killed you! Said Archie

They burst out laughing. Archie stood up to hug his big brother hard.

- I’m so glad you’re back!!!! Oh I missed you so much! Don’t you ever leave me again!!!!

- I missed you too, bro and I’m not going anywhere, and I’m here to stay for good!

- If you die on me again, I’m going to kill you!

They were laughing, they were crying they were happy. They walked to the living room.

- Where is Aunt Elroy? Ask Alistair

- She’s at the Reagan’s said Annie, she’s going to have a heart attack when she sees you…

- She’s sent people in France to look for you when you left, said Archie

- And she blamed Candy for your departure, said Annie, and then for your death…

Alistair looked at Candy.

- What? She blamed you? He said surprised

- She said all the bad luck in your family arrived because of me…, replied Candy

- Yeah yeah, I know the song, Anthony, me…., said Alistair, I’m so sorry Candy I didn’t mean to get you in trouble

- It was really nothing out of the ordinary said Candy smiling, it’s ok, you came back to us…

- About Patty? Said Archie

- I know, said Alistair, Candy told me…

- She did? Said Archie stunned, already?

- Well it was kind of rocky…, said Alistair talking very fast, she saw me at the hospital, she fainted, I carried her to my bed, she woke up, she was so happy, we kissed, she slapped me, she yelled at me, she lectured me, hit me and she told me about Patty…

Archie and Annie were looking at him stunned.

- What was that? Said Archie staring at his brother

- What? Said Alistair, she told me about Patty…

- No before that…

- Hit me?

- Before…

- Lectured me?

- Before

- Yelled at me?

- Before…

- Slapped me?

- Before…

- We kissed…

- There! You kissed?

Archie seemed to find that unbelievable.

- On the cheek? Asked Annie smiling

- On the lips, said Candy looking down

- With the tongue! Said Alistair smiling

- Why don’t you say it louder, said, Candy, I don’t think they heard you in France!

- What the hell is going on? Said Archie looking at them

- It was an accident, said Candy

- You accidentally fell on his lips? Said Archie

- He accidentally fell on mine, said Candy

- What?

- And he took advantage to kiss me, said Candy

- You kissed me back, said Alistair

- I pushed you away and I slapped you, said Candy

- You kissed him back? Said Archie to Candy

Archie was so hurt… Candy and Alistair kissing? Why would Alistair do that to him?

- Bro, I thought you’d be interested to know what happened to me at the war…my lip locking with Candy seems to be more important than how I survived the war…

Archie was a little ashamed of his reaction. He was actually jealous his brother got to kiss Candy…

- We have a dinner party tonight, said Candy, I’m going to go shower and get ready… what about you Alistair?

- I’m coming up with you; said Alistair, let’s go Candy…- You can borrow some of my clothes…, said Archie to his brother

- To look like the dandy you are? You’re kidding right? Said Alistair laughing out loud

Candy and Annie started to laugh too.

- Suit yourself! Said Archie a little upset…

Alistair kissing Candy, Candy and Alistair going upstairs together… It felt so weird… He wanted to go upstairs too…

- Where are you going? Said Annie when she saw him walking to the living room’s door

- I’m going to go see if Alistair is fine…

- He’s not a baby, he can manage…

- I know he can manage, but…

- You want to ask him about that kiss, don’t you? It’s like you’re obsessed with it!

- Honey come on, aren’t you a little curious?

- Yes… but not for the same reason as you! You’re still jealous because of Candy….

- Annie, don’t start…don’t get upset. Think about the baby…

- You’re making me upset…

- I'm sorry honey, if I upset you, I was just surprised… that’s all. You’re my wife and I love you.

He looked at her with puppy eyes. Annie couldn’t resist, she melted.

- I love you too. I’m sorry for getting upset…

He went to sit next to her and took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips for a while.

- You two should get a room! Said a nasty voice

The couple stopped. Eliza was looking at them disgusted.

- And you should get a life, said Annie

- Pony girl you are so smug, you know that? Said Eliza

- Eliza, said Archie, you’re going to restrain yourself from insulting my wife or you’re not welcome here

- I’m family! Said Eliza, she’s just a pathetic orphan

- She’s my wife and the mother of my child! Said Archie

- “Child”? Said Eliza, Pony girl is pregnant?

- Eliza I’m warning you…, said Archie

The Great Aunt arrived in the living room with Mr. and Mrs. Reagan and Neil. Eliza ran to the Great Aunt.

- Aunt Elroy! Archie wants to throw me out because of his Pony girl! I’m family! She’s an orphan!

Annie whispered to Archie’s ear.

- Did you really had to invite them?

- The Great Aunt knew about it, so she probably brought them to spite me!

The Great Aunt looked at Archie.

- Archie, Eliza is family and she’s always welcome in this house, said the Great Aunt

- Then she should learn good manners and stop being rude to the mother of my child! Said Archie

The Great Aunt was a little surprised, but her face was motionless.

- So Annie, you’re in the family way…, she said

- Yes Aunt Elroy…, said Annie

- Congratulations, she said without emotions.

- Thank you Aunt Elroy, said Annie

- Eliza, you leave Archie’s wife alone now, said Aunt Elroy, she needs calm and peace during her pregnancy, understood?

Eliza was sulking, but she said;

- Very well, Aunt Elroy, she mumbled between her teeth

- Or I will throw you out, said Archie gloating

Archie’s guests were starting to arrive. Alistair and Candy were going to come down soon. Archie wanted to warn the Great Aunt…but… he fainted and Alistair was going to make fun of him for it … The Great Aunt should be surprised too… He was greeting his guests, when his wife come to him and said.

- Honey? Aren’t you going to tell Aunt Elroy that Alistair is alive?

- No… I think a little shock would do her some good… maybe she’s going to smile more

- Archibald!

He burst out laughing. The guests were having an aperitif before dinner. Brandon Sutton was there. Archie wanted him to date Candy, since he had lost his wife recently, he needed some time to grieve and Archie thought Candy could help him with his grief and eventually get involve with him romantically, especially after seeing his brother with Candy…But a part of him wondered if his brother would be a better match for Candy, as much as it hurt him to think about that possibility…his brother was better than that pompous, pretentious English boy who was on stage instead of being in London’s Society pages… And he broke Candy’s heart, that’s something he will never forgive him for.



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