Life goes on... (by Mallory Quinn)

Chapter 6: “Dreams…”

Candy and Alistair were working well with Joe. Candy went to George for help in presenting their project. She wanted to be professional. George came up with a few copies.

- Thank you so much Mr. Georges

- You’re very welcome Miss Candy

- Now we need a list of potential investors Mr. Georges

- What about Master Archibald

- Well something tells me that Archibald is not going to be a big help..., said Candy sadly

- Oh… but Master William could…

- Well Albert is not here and we wouldn’t want to bother him to stop a quarrel between the two brothers… and

- You think you’re the cause of their quarrel…

- I know I am…I want to help Alistair and if Archibald has a problem with it, too bad…but if it gets worse, I’m going to remove myself

Candy left George to go see Alistair with the papers. He was with Joe working on an engine.

- Candy! Said Alistair smiling

He was covered with grease.

- I’ve got the paper work ready…, she said, now we just need to make some appointments

- We’re going to start with my brother…

- Are you sure? With everything that happened…

- We have to try… he’s my brother

- All right, said Candy, let me make the appointment…

- All right, said Alistair, just tell me when I need to be ready

Candy called Archie’s office and she made an appointment with his assistant and she made an appointment for the next morning, which was a Friday. They spent the whole day there and Candy was calling places to make more appointments with investors. They only left their work place for dinner. They went to their room to shower and get dressed. Everybody was waiting for them.

- Finally! There you are! Said the Great Aunt

- We’re sorry we’re late, Aunt Elroy, said Alistair smiling

- We know how hard you two are working! Said Archie sarcastically

- Dinner is served, said Aunt Elroy

Alistair, took Candy’s arm to escort her to the dinning room and he pull up the chair for her. Candy smiled and looked at him with fondness. Archie was not happy.

- By the way, my assistant told me you called Candy…

- Yes, she said, to make an appointment

- What for?

- So we can show you our project so you can finance it…, said Alistair

- Really? Said Alistair, I’m looking forward to see what you have…

There was a kind of an ironic tone in his voice. Candy shook her head. To change the subject, Alistair started talking about the war and it worked. Archie dropped his sarcasm against Candy and Alistair. The rest of the evening went on without an itch…


The next day, Candy, Alistair, and Joe, went to see Archie at his office to present their project to him. Candy was a little nervous, Alistair and his friend were confident. They entered Archie’s office and they started explaining. The office was very big, it had a living room, where they sat and Archie was all ears. When Alistair and Joe were done, Archie was just looking at them.

- So, bro, said Alistair, what do you think?

- I didn’t think you’d go through with it…, he said

- What do you mean?

- Well, you’re asking me for a lot of money, for one of your invention

- Arch, this is serious, said Alistair, it’s not a game

- I know it’s not a game, but you’ve got to understand me, I’ve lived with you all my life and I’ve seen your inventions…they live a lot to be desire…

- Archie, I’ve been in the war and I’ve fixed real airplanes…

- Like the one in Scotland which flew for a few seconds? Please!

- You’re not taking me seriously?

- I have to say the report George made was pretty convincing…

- I’m trying to build my future here, Archie and you’re cracking jokes? I can’t believe you!

- Come on Alistair, that’s enough. You’re really going through with it? You made Candy quit her job to help you in you crazy venture, making her dream of a future with you…

- Can you put our differences aside and be serious for once?

- After seeing how your inventions turned out over the years? You’ve got to be kidding me…

- So, you’re not going to help your brother? Said Candy who had remained silent until then

Archie looked at her. He had been angry at her for being so nice and so close to Alistair, he couldn’t stand seeing the woman he loved getting close to his brother.

- I don’t think you know anything about finance Candy, he said coldly

- Well I know it’s about money, said Candy standing up, let’s go Alistair, we’re wasting our time here, Joe?

- Goodbye Mr. Cornwell, sorry for wasting your time, said Joe standing up to leave with Candy

Alistair was the last one to leave.

- You know, out of all the people, I thought I could count on you bro…

- You’re asking me for a lot of money for your work, and I know what you work is worth…

- You didn’t even give me a chance! Why would I come to you for money if I wasn’t serious?

- For as long as I can remember, you’ve always been very serious with your explosive inventions…

- Thanks for nothing bro…, said Alistair, you know this is not about the inventions, this is about her, isn’t it? You can’t stand that I’m so close to her!

- Don’t be ridiculous! I’m happily married and she still in love with that third rate actor anyway…you have no chance with her…

Alistair thought about the kiss he exchanged with Candy in her room the other night. He wanted to tell his brother to gloat, but …

- Thanks for your time bro, have a nice day.

- And he left the room. He met up with Candy and Joe downstairs in the car.

- I’m so sorry for wasting your time, said Alistair

- It’s okay, said Candy, we’re going to get a lot of rejections…

- I never thought my own brother would refuse to help me…

- Well like he said, he’s seen you inventions…, said Candy

- You’ve seen my inventions, you believe in me…

- Yes, I do, said Candy, don’t blame your brother

- The best revenge is to get financed by another company and shove it to his face…, said Alistair

- That’s the spirit, said Joe smiling

Candy had booked other appointments with other companies and they went there to ask for finance. They also went to banks to ask for a loan. Candy asked for George’s help again in the paper work.

- You know Miss Candy, Master William could give you all the money you need…

- Yes, I know… but he’s on his trips… let’s wait until he comes back, if we don’t have any financial help, we’ll have to turn to him and maybe by them we’ll have something concrete to show him to convince him…Alistair was so sure Archie was going to help…

- I’m sorry about that, I can give you something to help you out…

- Really? But you won’t get into trouble?

- It’s my own money I’m going to invest in Master Alistair’s dream

- Oh Mr. George!

- It’s not much, but it can help you launch your dream… or at least part of it…

- Thank you! Said Candy hugging him! We’re going to succeed and you’re going to get a very big interest on your investment! I promise you! Alistair is a genius!

- You don’t need to tell me that! Said George writing a cheque for them…, but you need a company name… so I can make the cheque to your company and not just to one person…

- You’re right! Let me go see the guys so we can look for a name…

Candy went to the see the guys in the work room, they were trying an engine and listening to it’s noise. It took them a while to realise that Candy was there, then they turned off the engine.

- Candy? Said Alistair, you need something?

- Yes, she said, I need a name

- A name? Said Alistair

- Yes, for our company, said Candy, Mr. George wants to invest in our project… he said we need a company name….

- Right! Said Joe, we do need a name for our dream…

- Dream…, said Alistair

- That’s sounds good, said Candy, “Dreams”…

- Perfect, said Joe

- Great! You guys continue working, I’ll go to Mr. George for the paperwork

- So Candy went to George and he helped them with the paper of their new company; “Dream Engines”…


With everything that happened, Candy forgot about her date with Brandon Sutton. Annie had to remind her.

- Who? She said getting in the living room before dinner

- Brandon! The guy who lost his wife, you have a date with him on Saturday…

- Oh my God! I forgot all about that!

- I thought you would, you’re working with Alistair…

- Well I hope I don’t forget about it tomorrow

- Don’t worry, I’m going to remind you and do your hair

The guys came in the room. Alistair invited Joe for dinner.

- Good evening ladies, said Alistair smiling, Annie, this is Joe my partner

- Hello Joe, said Annie smiling

- I invited him for dinner

The Great Aunt arrived with the Reagans for dinner. The evening was going to be great. When everybody was seated, Aunt Elroy said:

- So Alistair, she said, how is your new venture coming along?

- Actually pretty good, said Alistair, smiling, thanks for your concern Aunt Elroy

- You’re actually working on your inventions? Said Eliza smiling

- Yes, said Alistair

- Neil, said his father, your cousin found something to do with is time, why don’t you follow his example? Instead of going out with your loser friends

- Dad, I don’t know how to invent stuff…

- Then find something to do! Said his father

- Leave him alone, said Sarah, find him something at your office!

- And risk my business with your loser son? No thanks!

Neil was sulking. His father got him some jobs, but he kept messing it up.

- How could you do that to your son? Said Sarah

- Well, said Eliza, Neil really needs to clean up his act mom

- Eliza! You need to find yourself a man!

- Well Archie took one of the most eligible man and fix him up with Candy…

- Really Archie, you didn’t think about your cousin first? Said Aunt Elroy

- Actually, I was thinking of fixing one of my nice friends to a lovely lady and Eliza doesn’t qualify to me as one, said Archie

- Archie!

The others burst out laughing and Eliza was sulking. Alistair felt bad because he was reminded of Candy’s date with Brandon, the widower… He didn’t want her to go. After dinner they were in the living room having coffee and Annie was playing something on the piano. Alistair approached Candy who was listening to Annie playing.

- So you’re still going to date with the widower…

- Yes, I said I would

- You can cancel it

- Why would I do that to a poor widower?

- Because I’m asking you…

- Alistair, I agreed to go out with him…

- And you have to be the nice girl…

- Alistair, it’s just one dinner… that’s all.

- What if you like him…?

- We’re not getting on that boat again

- Candy… we kissed the other night

Archie, who was close by, heard him and his heart jumped.

- Yes, we did…

- We have to talk about that kiss…

- Not now…Alistair

When, then? During the day we’re working and now…

- Now we just have dinner and we’re having tea listening to Annie playing the piano…

- We can go in the garden and talk…

- Alistair…

Candy was trying not to think about that second kiss…but Alistair was right, they had to talk about it.

- All right, let’s go to the garden for a few minutes…

She walked to the terrace door and Alistair followed her to the garden. There were some bushes… and a bench right behind it.

- So about that kiss, said Alistair

- It was wonderful, said Candy

- Yes it was… but what does it mean?

- What does it mean to you ?

- Candy…I…

Candy put her hand on his lips. She was not ready to hear Alistair’s love for her.

- Shuut…, don’t say anything, she said

- But I…

- Please don’t…it was an accident…

- Another accident? How do I end up kissing you by accident twice?

- Maybe you invented a way, said Candy smiling

They burst out laughing. They looked at each other; Alistair knew it was too soon, Candy was not ready to hear him and she might never be… so all he could hope for was for another “accidental kiss”…They both went back inside, just in time to applaud Annie.

The Reagan left and the others went to bed. Archie was jealous, but he couldn’t show it and he blew off his brother when he came to him for financial aid… so Alistair was giving him the cold shoulder. But Archie was happy to see that Candy was not ready for a relationship with his brother.


Candy was getting ready for her date. She wasn’t really feeling like going. Annie was with her in her room fixing her hair.

- Come on Candy, it could be fun

- I don’t want to date, Annie…

- Life goes on, Candy

- I know… I kissed Alistair

- What? Again?

- Again

- Oh my God! What does it mean?

- I don’t know what it means and I don’t want to talk about it…

- Candy… you’re still thinking about Terry

- How could I not? I had plans with him… and it all went up in smoke!

- Just have dinner with Brandon, it doesn’t tie you to anything…

- I liked Alistair’s kiss… said Candy out of the blue

- What’s not to like? It’s a kiss!

- I can’t think about that!

- You can’t stop thinking about it!

- Annie, I’m not ready for this date…

- You’re looking for reasons, not to go on that date…

- Am I?

Alistair had asked her not to go… but what in the world was going on? She was unconsciously obeying to his request?

There was a knock on the door.

- Ladies? Said Archie coming in, oh Candy you look beautiful! Brandon is there

- All right, said Candy standing up, I guess I’m going to go

- Have fun, said Annie

Candy took her shawl and she went downstairs to meet her date. Brandon Sutton still looked sad, but he smiled when he saw Candy.

- Good evening, you look marvellous, he said

- Thank you, said Candy smiling

He took her to a very nice restaurant and they were talking or Brandon was talking about his wife…

- We met at this party and she was so cute, he said, I thought she was engaged to someone else, but she wasn’t… I jumped to the occasion to be with her…

Candy was nodding and smiling… The only time Brandon seemed to be alive was when he talked about Lacy, his late wife…

When they went back home, he walked with Candy to the door.

- Well that was a nice evening… Lacy, he said leaning on her…

- My name is Candy, Brandon, she said calmly, thank you for the nice dinner…

Brandon seemed to have snapped out of his trance and he became paler than a ghost.

- I…I’m sorry…

- It’s ok, said Candy, you’re not ready to date yet, you’re still thinking about your wife… One day you’ll be ready to move on

- Thank you, said Brandon confused, have a good night

- Good bye Brandon, said Candy

Candy entered the mansion and she leaned on the door with a sigh. Her friends came out to see how was her evening.

-So, said Archie, how was it?

- Awful!!!!

- What? Said Archie stunned

Alistair was smiling.

- Let’s just say, I know so much about Lacy Sutton, I could play her!!!! And that’s all I was, a Lacy replacement…

- Come on, said Archie

- He called me Lacy and he almost kissed me!!!!

- Whooa! Said Alistair, good job bro! Setting Candy up with a guy obsessed with his dead wife!

- He’s a good man! Said Archie

- He’s not ready to date, said Candy, and next time I’ll get my own date…

- I was just trying to set you up with a good guy

- Grief stricken! Thanks a lot! Said Candy going up the stairs

Alistair was laughing out loud and Annie couldn’t help smiling. They all went upstairs. Alistair after spending a sleepless night the night before had a very nice sleep.


Archie was sulking and Annie didn’t want to argue with him.

- That was a miss, said Annie lying on the bed…

- Not kidding! Said Archie sulking

- Candy can get her own dates, Archie and I know you want to keep her away from Alistair, but they work together, they are going to get closer… and by the way, why didn’t you support your brother?

- I’ve seen his inventions my whole life, they never worked!

- He’s older now and he’s got more experience…

- What do you know about finance? Stay out of this!!! He said louder

Annie was hurt.

- I might not know much about finance, but I know that you should support your family and your brother is your family!

- I’m sorry for yelling honey… you don’t understand the risks…

- If you can’t risk your money on your family…you’d rather have a stranger asking you for money? You do what you want…of course. Your brother only came back from the dead a little while ago…

- I made the right decision, I don’t trust his inventions!!!!

Annie turned off the light on her night table and closed her eyes to cry and sleep. Archie tried to take her in his arms, she refused at first, then she let him. She loved him so much; she didn’t want to lose him.


Candy was in her bed thinking about Brandon how sad and hurt he was by his wife’s passing, to the point he thought she was “Lacy”. He was very much in love with her, they were married and about to start a family, in fact he lost his wife and his child…Brandon Sutton was not ready to date anybody, because Lacy and her child was still with him.

Candy was thinking about Terry. They both sacrificed themselves for the good of another woman. All their plans, they never really started them, they didn’t even have a second kiss… Terry had been distant knowing they would have to break up, which was a smart thing to do. Getting closer to him would’ve made the break up more painful than it already was… She wiped a tear. She couldn’t help it, when she thought about Terry and their plans… It was just shattered dreams…

“I need to let go of Terry”, she thought.


Chapter 7

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