Magical Pigeons (by Licia)

It was a sunny Monday morning. Birds were singing on the trees of Saint-Paul’s College’s garden. Winter was slowly ending, leaving its place to spring; flowers were newly blossoming. Candy slowly opened her eyes, stood up and looked out of the window. “ What a great morning, she said, yawning. “ Ah! The last time the weather was that great was when I was at Pony’s home. I wonder what they are doing now?”

She got out of her bed and put on her dressing gown.She went to the window and opened it. She went on the balcony and took a deep breath; she said: “ Ooh! It has been a while since the weather has been that fresh”. She looked at three pigeons coming towards her. “ How beautiful you are”, she said. Two of them settled down to the hand she was extending to them. The third one landed to the balcony bar. “ As I have started today with these beautiful pigeons, I guess I’m going to have a great day”, Candy thought. At that moment, somebody knocked on the door. When Candy headed towards the door, the pigeons flew up and landed on the tree right next to Candy’s balcony. “ Who’s that?”, Candy asked. Patty responded: “ It’s me Candy. Are you ready?” Patty wondered.. Candy opened the door and said: “ Good morning Patty, come in. I’m not ready yet. I was looking out of the window. Take a seat as I’m getting myself prepared.”

Patty sat down on the chair next to Candy’s bed. “ You haven’t forgotten that today is a very important day, have you?” she asked.

“ How can I?” Candy said. “ Today there’s going to be a conference at school. And then they're going to anounce the names of the ones who will take part of this weekend’s travel. Ah! I’d love to go to that trip.”

“ So would I. But they’re going to choose only two girls and two boys. In such a crowded school, I have few chance.”

“ So do I. Do you know if they've chosen the one who's going to make the speech among the girls?”

“ Yes, I think Elisa’s going to make a five minutes speech. Everyone was talking about it a few minutes ago.”

“ Elisa?”

“ Yes. I wonder how she can take part of each activity of the school?”

“ Some people are lucky, you know.”

“ Right. Anyway, I couldn’t speak in front of all that crowd at any rate, Candy. Elisa dares anything.”

“ That’s her in her nature.”

“ You’re right.”

Candy had put her shoes. She took her books. They got out of the room with Patty. They crossed long corridors and finally entered the classroom. As they were sitting down, they heard Elisa speaking:

“So, girls, as you know I’m going to make a speech today at the conference. After all, they choose skillful people who know how to speak. Not stable girls who come from Pony’s home.”

One of the girls who were with Elisa asked: “ Elisa, do you know who’s going to make the speech for boys?”

“ Of course I do. Archie’s going to speak. I wonder how an intelligent person like him can be interested in those who come from Pony’s home.”

At that moment, Annie came in. “ Good morning Candy, good morning Patty,” she said. They both answered her. Annie had heard Elisa’s last words, and knew clearly that she was the one Elisa was talking about. She sat down with a sad expression on her face. Elisa kept on speaking: “ Ah, what a lucky girl I am, aren’t I? I’m going to sit next to the handsome Archie behind the lectern.” One of the girls next to Elisa interfered: “ So, Elisa, have they chosen who are going to the trip? I mean, do you know who are chosen?”

“ No, I don’t”, Elisa said. “ I’m going to learn it today. But I’m sure that someone from our class is going, because I heard the nuns speaking about us. But they stopped talking when they saw me. How bad!”

“ Yes, it is bad indeed.”

After Elisa’s words, girls began to whisper; everyone was full of the idea of going to the trip. At that moment, the nun came in. All the girls stood up.

“ Good morning ladies”, the nun said and sat down behind her desk.

“ Good morning sister Marguerite.”

“ So, " began Sister Marguerite, "as you know there is the school's conference today, which is organised each year. I want you to keep quiet and not to leave the conference place during it without our permission". She turned to Elisa:

"Elisa, Sister Grey is waiting for you. She said she wants to listen the speech you and the person who will talk in the name of the boys have prepared."

"All right, Sister. I'm going immediately."

Elisa stood up. While she was leaving the classroom, she looked at Annie with a mocking expression. Annie looked sad. Noticing that, Candy whispered to Annie "Don't be sad, she's just putting on airs. Archie would absolutely prefer being with you". Annie smiled. "Thanks, Candy", she said.

After two hours of lesson, they had two hours of lunchtime, then they were going to the conference. After the lesson Annie said "Girls, I don't feel very well. I'm going to bed a little. See you at the conference" and she went to her room.

"Elisa saddened her again" said Candy.

"Yes", answered Patty. "That Elisa is such a bad girl. Seeing other people unhappy is enough to her for being happy."

"That's true. If only she was a better person."

"Someone like you, for instance."

They laughed. They went out to the garden. "Come on, let's go to the trees'" said Candy. After a while, they reached the great trees. As she couldn't resist, Candy climbed up one of the trees. Patty, worried, said: "Candy, you're doing dangerous things again. Please, come down, I'm afraid for you".

"Don't be afraid" Candy passed over it lightly. "Nothing's going to happen. I'm used to that, you know."

Taking an upper branch, Candy began turning around it.

"Candy, don't do that! Come on, come down, please!" Patty shouted. At that moment, Candy lost her balance and suddenly let go her hands in the middle of the somersault. She began falling quickly towards forward.

"Ahhh! Candy, no!!!" Patty screamed. She noticed at that moment that Elisa was standing where Candy was falling. "Elisa, be careful!" Patty called out. Elisa turned and looked at her, while she was saying "what...?" Candy falled onto Elisa with a big noise. Patty quickly ran to them, panicking.

"Candy, Elisa, are you alright??" she asked, worried. "I'm alright" they both said at the same time. Then Elisa began scolding Candy: "What the hell do you think you're doing? Didn't you see that I was standing there? Be a bit careful instead of climbing trees stupidly!"

As she said that they looked at each other confused. Candy was looking at Elisa and Elisa was looking at Candy strangely. Then they began looking at their bodies. "Candy??" Candy said looking at Elisa. And "Elisa??" Elisa asked looking at her. "What?? What's happening here? Candy?" Patty asked, bewildered. "I'm not Candy, she is!" Candy said showing Elisa.

"Have we... switched... our bodies... then??" Candy said trying to understand what was happening.

"That can't be!" Elisa began grumbling. "How can you steal my beautiful body from me?! And what will I do with this disgusting freckled face? Oh, what a shame."

"I don't like being in your body either, Elisa. And now stop whining and find a solution to be saved from this thing."

"How can I know? You are the one who falled on me like an apple falling from a tree! And you are the only responsible for that. Take back the spell or whatever you did, so that I go back to my beautiful body."

"That is the problem. I don't have any idea about how we came into this situation!"

"What? Won't I be able to go back to my old body?"

"Oh, no!" Patty said. "So, Candy, instead of being your friend, I'm going to be Elisa's friend?"

"No way!" Elisa shouted. "I don't build any friendship with people like you, don't you know that?"

"Personally, I don't want to walk around with you either, anyway!" Patty snapped at her.

"Okay, calm down" Candy interfered. "We shoudn't behave with anger. Now, is there someone who can help us to be saved from this situation? You know, we must hurry or I'll make the speech at the conference instead of Elisa."

"I can't let that happen! No! I've waited such a long time to be able to make that speech. Now I won't be deprived of my desire because of someone like you!"

"I don't want to make any speech anyway. And I don't even know what I have to say. We must find a solution quickly."

"You're right, Elisa... I mean, Candy", Patty said.

"Think about what you did today", Elisa said. "As we can't switch bodies just because of a collision like that, it means that we are in these circumstances because of something you said or you did."

"Let's see..." Candy said. "We didn't speak a lot this morning. A while ago Annie said that she wanted to go to her room. Then we talked about you, Elisa..."

"About me? So you gossip about me?"

"No, we don't", Patty said. "It's just, Candy said that she wished you were a better person. And I said 'someone like you, for example'. Ahh! Oh, no! Does that mean that all of that happened because of me?"

"There is no doubt about it", Elisa looked at her evilly when she said that.

"Candy, do you know that this face doesn't suit you?", Patty said.

"Don't forget that she isn't me, but Elisa. Anyway, what are we going to do to be saved from this situation?"

"You are going to take back what you said about me of course, and you are going to say that you think that I'm a good person indeed, then I'll be back to my old state."

"It is worth to try", Patty said.

"All right. In fact, Elisa is not a very bad person. Now, she can go back to her own body, she doesn't need to be like somebody else."

"You're right", Patty said. "Especially, she doesn't need to be like you at all. Eh, what happened, did you change back?"

Candy looked at Elisa. "Candy?" she said.

"Yes?" Elisa's body answered.

"Oh, no, that's impossible, you're still at the same situation" Patty said with worry. "Maybe you must collide again."

Candy came next to Elisa and collided with her. Once again, there was no change.

"Oh, how are we going to be saved from this situation?" Candy said with annoyance.

At that moment they heard a noise. Sister Marguerite was looking for Elisa. "Oh, Elisa! So you were here. I was looking for you everywhere. Sister Grey said that she wants to see you again. I think she said she wanted you to correct some things in your speech."

"Yes, Sister, I'm coming immediately" Candy in Elisa's body said. "But, I wonder if Candy and Patty can come with me?"

"If you want it that much, then they can come but I don't know what Sister Grey will say."

"Sister Marguerite," Elisa in Candy's body said, "Elisa said that she was getting very excited so she wants us to come too."

"Yes, that’s it, Sister Marguerite" Candy said.

"In this case, it's all right, but hurry up" the nun said, "little time is left for the conference's beginning."

They came to the open air scene where the conference was going to take place. Sister Grey approached them.

"Elisa Leagon, I was waiting for you. I want you to change the end of your speech."

"As you wish, Sister", Candy said. "What do you want me to say instead?"

"Instead of saying 'all the students in this college will reach the success sooner or later' I want you to say 'This college opens the gates of the future for every student'. Is it understood?"

"Yes, Sister, I understand" Candy said.

"By the way, can you tell me why you have brought Miss O'Brien and Miss Audrey with you?"

"Well... Sister, in fact I don't feel very well, I brought them to support me."

"Hmm... All right, then. You'd better prepare right now, because the conference is about to begin."

"Yes, Sister."

After that, Sister Grey went away, Candy turned to Elisa and Patty.

"What are we going to do now?" she asked.

"Nothing, of course", Elisa said. "You're going to make the speech instead of me."

"What? But I don't even know what I should say. I'll ruin everything."

"I know that you have such a virtue but there is no other solution. I'd prefer you not to make the speech instead of me, but we are have to do so."

"Wouldn't it be better if we ask Sister Grey whether Candy could make or not the speech instead of Elisa?" Patty asked.

"That isn't a bad idea", Candy said.

"I can't appear in front of so many people in this body", Elisa grumbled at them.

"Yes, but it's better than being humiliated, isn't it?", Candy asked her.

"All right, then", Elisa said. "But you should know that I don't like that at all."

They went next to Sister Grey. Sister grey talked to them angrily:

"Aren't you still ready, Miss Leagon? I have told you that you have to hurry up."

"Well... Yes, Sister", Candy began, "you have told me so but I'd like to ask you something."

"Ask it immediately, then", the nun said.

"As I said earlier I don't feel very well, Sister. I wonder if Candy could make the speech instead of me?"

"Miss Audrey?!? But she doesn't even know what she's supposed to say. We have repeated it with you so many times."

"You are right", Elisa in Candy's body said, "but Elisa told me what she was supposed to say and I've memorized it."

"Are you making fun of me?!?" the nun shouted. The three girls moved backwards by fear.

"We've been prepared for today for months", the nun continued. "But I'm obliged to struggle with irresponsible students like you at the last minute. Oh, it's fine then. Miss Audrey is going to make the speech for you. This is my last word!"

Sister Grey went away angrily. The three girls took a deep breath.

"Oh, I haven't been that scared even when I switched my body with Elisa's one", Candy said.

"Neither have I", Elisa said. "I thought a moment that she was going to eat us."

This woman really looks like a monster when she is angry" Patty added.

"Not only when she's angry", Elisa said. "She is always like that."

The three of them laughed. Candy and Patty had never thought that Elisa was such a funny person.

Students crowded slowly into the conference's place. The nuns and the two speakers, namely Archie and Candy in Elisa's body, appeared on the stage and sat down on the chairs behind the lectern. Archie was very surprised when he saw Candy.

"I thought Elisa was the one who was going to make the speech", Archie said.

"Yes, she was", Elisa said. "But at the last minute she said that she didn't feel well. And she wanted me to replace her."

"Interesting. I wouldn't expected that move from her. Anyway, I prefer you to be here, Candy. At least, I won't have to bear her repulsive laughter."

Hearing that, Elisa became furious. But she had to keep up appearances.

"You shoudn"t speak like that about her", Elisa said. "Plus, she's a very good person. Furthermore, she is your cousin."

"Yes but I don't like her at all", Archie said. "You know, Candy, you're very nice. Elisa did you harm so many times but you can still defend her."

Elisa smiled keeping up appearances. But inside of her she was saying: "You’ll pay for that. If I don't take revenge of that, then don’t call me Elisa!".

"And now we are going to listen Candy White Audrey who is going to make a speech in the name of the girls" Sister Marguerite announced.

Elisa stood up with worry. "Ah, if I were in my own body, I wouldn't be so worried. But who knows how gullible this body will look" she was thinking sadly.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, estimable students and teachers", Elisa began her words, "first of all, I'd like you to know that I'm honoured to make this year's speech. It is an honor for each of us being educated in Saint Paul's college and being surrendered in the hands of such savant nuns. Our college has a long past of two hundred years. It has never had problems, on the contrary it raised very well-qualified and important people. Young girls who study here learn how to be good ladies and young boys learn how to be good gentlemen. Our college has two principal philosophies: the first one is respect and the second one is knowledge. These two basises complete each other..."

While Elisa was continuing her speech, Patty and Candy were listening to her among the spectators. Suddenly, Annie came next to them and "Hi, Patty" she said. Patty answered back. When Annie saw Elisa next to Patty she moved backwards, then turned her head and behaved as if she was listening to Candy. Candy in Elisa's body went next to Annie, taking advantage of her appearance. Just when Annie was going away, Candy began to speak:

"Annie, wait a little", Candy said. "I want to talk to you. About what I said this morning."

"I understood good enough what you meant this morning, Elisa", Annie said. "I don't want to listen more."

"But I'd like to apologize, Annie. I said very bad things this morning. Please, forgive me. My intention wasn't to hurt you, I was just joking with my friends, that's all."

"You have an interesting way of joking, Elisa. Especially, the fact that you made a tool of the things between Archie and me wasn't pleasant at all."

"I know", Candy said softening her voice. "Everybody knows me as a bad person, Annie, because I always do things to sadden them. But being bad isn't my intention. I just try to be a popular girl and loved by everyone, that's all. Now, tell me, can you act nobly and forgive me? Because saddening such a kind person like you overwhelms me."

Annie was very surprised at what she had just heard. "I wonder if she tells me the truth?" she thought.

Patty interfered too: "In my opinion Elisa is really sad. Come on, forgive her. I see her apologizing for the first time. She really must be regretting it."

Annie thought a moment. Finally:

"All right, Elisa" she said. "I accept your apology. I hope you won't make any commentary about Archie and me again."

"I'll try not to", Candy said.

They began to listen to Candy who was continuing her speech. Some time later, Archie appeared at the lectern.

"First of all" Archie began speaking, "I congratulate my friend who has just made a marvelous speech. Now, I want to talk about the changes and innovations that happened in our college this year..."

While Archie was continuing his speech, Patty showed Annie to Candy. When she looked at Annie, Candy saw that her eyes were shining. "She really likes Archie. I hope both of them will be very happy together", Candy thought.

Some time later, Archie finished his speech and he said "So, now I'm going to announce the names of the ones who will go to the trip this weekend." One of the nuns approached him and passed to him a paper. Archie read the names first, he seemed to frown at that moment, then turned towards the spectators:

"So", Archie said, "first I'm going to announce the names of the boys who will go to the trip. The first name is Mr Jonathan Chemberley. And the other is..." Archie paused a little. It was as if he hesitated to announce. When he saw Sister Grey who was looking at him badly, he continued his words:

"So, the other one is Mr Terrence Grandchester."

Candy was very surprised to hear that name, but at the same time she got excited. "Ah, I wonder who they chose among the girls?" she thought with curiousity mixed with excitement. At that moment she looked for Terry in the crowd. However, as she couldn't see him , "He must be smoking at the Pony's Hill again for sure..." she said to herself.

Finally, Archie had to announce the girls, at least the unlovable glances were ordering that. Archie cleaned his throat first and began to speak again:

"Hum... Sorry... so I go on. Now, I'm going to tell you who have been chosen among the girls. The first name is Miss Elisa Leagon."

Candy, Patty, Annie and Elisa were very surprised when they heard that name. Elisa who was now completely fed up of being in Candy's body was crying inside: "I've wanted to go to that trip so much. Now, this chance is given to me, but I won't be able to go! Why? Because in my body there is someone else!"

At that moment Annie said turning to Candy whom she thought was Elisa: "Congratulations, Elisa. You know that you are very lucky, don't you? Ah, I'd like to go to that trip so much."

Candy was confusedly looking around. What was she going to do now? She'd be happier if she was in her own body. In fact, she was happy to that news, because Terry would go to the trip too, but she was afraid thinking how Elisa would react.

Now, Archie began to announce the last name right away, to get rid of Sister Grey:

"And I'm announcing the last name. The last girl who will be going to the trip is Miss Candy White Audrey."

The students began to applaud the chosen ones unhappily. Most of them were sad for not being able to go to the trip.

Annie said turning to Patty:

"Patty, I'm going behind the stage. I must congratulate Candy."

"I'm coming with you" Patty answered her back.

"Well... I can come with you, can't I?" interfered Candy in Elisa's body.

"Of course you can", Annie said. "Besides, I'll tell her that you apologized to me."

They went behind the stage together. Elisa, or Candy at appearance, seemed to be very happy. Annie ran immediately to Candy and jumped to her neck:

"Congratulations, Candy! If only you knew how happy I am for you! Ah, you know that you are very lucky, don't you? Both you and Elisa."

"Thank you, Annie" Elisa said coldly. "I am glad that I'll be able to go too."

"Congratulations, Candy", Candy said. "I guess we'll be together during this trip."

Elisa saved her neck from Annie's arms. Annie couldn't comprehend why Candy was behaving coldly.

"What's wrong, Candy?" Annie asked. "Why are you so cold towards me?"

"Well... I don't feel very well. Appearing in front of so many people got me agitated."

"I understand", Annie said. "If you want, go to your room and lie down."

"That isn't a bad idea", Patty said.

"All right", Elisa said. "It won't be bad if I lie down a little."

They went to the long corridor where the rooms were. The college's bells began to ring; the clock was showing seven o' clock in the evening.

When they arrived in front of Elisa's room, Elisa stopped.

"OK, good night to all of you", Elisa said.

"But", Annie said confusedly, "Candy, this is Elisa's room."

Elisa and Candy looked at each other. They haven't thought that situation would last that long at all. They had to give up everything. Still, they were trying to be happy. But now the idea of changing the rooms hit them like lightning.

Candy in Elisa's body began to speak:

"I guess you are very tired, Candy, that is why you thought my room was yours."

"Yes, you're right, Elisa", Elisa said. "I'm a little plunged in thoughts today, sorry."

"OK, good night to you, Elisa", Annie said.

"Good night", Candy answered her back.

"Good night", Elisa and Patty said together. "Sleep well."

Elisa let Patty and Annie go first. At that time, she was talking whispering to Candy:

"Candy", Elisa said. "We could have switched bodies, but I will never let you get my room. I'll come back in a little while. First, I must get rid of Annie..."

"OK", Candy said. "Anyway I wouldn't let my room to you either."

"Ah, before I forget", Elisa added. "Don't ever think about rummaging through my room."

"I didn't had such a thought at all, anyway. Don't worry, I will touch nothing."

Elisa went to her room at midnight, after getting rid of Annie and Patty. When she knocked at the door, Candy opened it immediately.

"Finally, you could come, Elisa", Candy said. "What kind of room you have! I got very bored here."

"What do you mean?", Elisa snapped at her. "Besides, your room was very strange too. Well, I should have guessed that people who come from Pony's Home don't have a lot of belongings."

"Elisa, we can't say you are in an appropriate situation at the moment to say that. Because you are the one who comes from Pony's Home now."

"Yeah, all right" Elisa grumbled. "Come on, go to your room, so that I can sleep."

"But we must change the rooms early in the morning, you know. When are we going to do that?"

"Come here at 5:30 and knock on the door. Thus I'll pass to your room and you to mine."

"Ok, then", Candy said. "Good night"

"Well... Candy. Every night before going to sleep I put some cream to look beautiful. You know, I need to ask you to do that as you are in my body at the moment."

"Cream?" Candy laughed.

"Yes, cream" Elisa looked daggers. "So what? How do you think this body can be that beautiful?"

"Ok, I didn't say anything. Since we are in need of each other, I'll do that too. Ah, don't forget to brush your teeth. My laughter isn't famous for nothing."

Both of them went to their beds, displeased by the situation in which they were. But their last words made both of them laugh. Maybe both of them were in a way of being good friends?

The following morning they changed their rooms. They suffered a lot the whole day because they had to sit in other places, to be friend and walk around with other people, to think in different way and to behave differently. Both of them began to fed up of that situation and both of them were wishing that it would be over soon.

On Wednesday, they began to be used to that situation, but their lives were still like a nightmare. In the afternoon, Elisa in Candy's body was waiting for the others between the trees. At that moment from the top of a tree came a voice. After a while Krin appeared and came next to Elisa. But Krin noticed a change in Candy too. As he approached to Candy, he moved backwards. At that moment a voice talked to Elisa:

"Hello, Freckled Tarzan", it said. "What are you doing here? I see that now your freckles scare even your racoon."

"Freckled Tarzan?" Elisa said. "But you..."

The person who called her was no other than Terry. He didn't know about the change in Candy yet. Elisa was a little surprised, even jealous. How that boy who never spoke to Elisa could speak to an ugly freckled girl who came from Pony's Home?

"What happened, Have you lost your tongue?" Terry asked looking at her mockingly.

"I... well... no, of course I haven't lost my tongue."

"Hmm... So the speech of the previous day was difficult to bear."

"The speech of the previous day? Did you listen to me?"

"Was it possible not to listen? That cracked voice of yours was heard from ten streets away."

"What do you mean ?!" Elisa said angrily. "Don't play with me!"

"Ok, I was just kidding", Terry said winking. "Besides..."

Terry came closer to Elisa.

"... you looked wonderful on this lectern", Terry whispered.

"Did I?" Elisa said. "Do you really think so?"

"Yes. But do not tell anyone about it."

"Shouldn't I?"

"No, don't. Otherwise from now on they will make you do all the speeches, and the whole college will have to listen to your screechy voice."

"Agghh!" Elisa shouted. "What kind of person are you? Besides how can you come to the trip? I'm sure it's thanks to your father again!"

"Fyuuu", Terry whistled. "Retaliation from Miss Freckled Tarzan! No, it isn't thanks to my father. They have chosen me because I'm a very diligent student."

"Huh, I'm sure it is so."

"Besides you'll participate in this trip too, am I wrong Miss Candy White Audrey? Who knows why they have chosen you..."

"What do you mean by "why they have chosen you?"! They surely chose me because of... well..."

Elisa couldn't find any word to say. Until that day she has always talked against Candy. She was always against her. And now she was the closest to her, because she was inside of her. And as if that wasn't enough she was trying to protect her against someone else. Terry's words took her away from those thoughts:

"What are you thinking Freckled Tarzan? Don't you know why they have chosen you neither? If you want, I can tell you why. They have chosen you because you can climb up trees very well. Thus if we got lost you'd show us the way climbing up a tree."

"Agh! Will you stop talking?!?"

"It depends on what you'll do if I won't stop."

"If you don't stop talking, I'll... I'll..."

"You'll what?"

"Nothing, forget about it..."

"What?" Terry said surprised. "Are you giving up that easily today?"

"Look, in fact I..."

At that moment Patty and Candy came. Elisa stopped talking when she saw them.

Terry was very surprised to see Elisa coming with Patty.

"Ooh", Terry said mockingly, "look who is here. How are you, Miss Leagon?"

"Well", Candy said "in fact I..."

But Terry greeted her bowing without waiting for her answer. The three girls who saw that were very surprised. Terry laughed when he saw the surprised look on their faces and went away saying "have a nice day, ladies".

"What were you talking about with Terry?" Patty asked to Elisa.

"Nothing", Elisa said. "He was just irritating me."

"Did he call me Freckled Tarzan again?" Candy asked.

"Yes", Elisa said, "and that name fits you very well as to me."

"What do you mean, Elisa? Besides I remind you that now you are the one who is freckled."

"OK, OK, I stop talking", Elisa said boredly.

A moment later Krin appeared. He himself didn't know why, but Krin was warmed to Elisa and went right away next to her. Candy was feeling very happy when she saw him arrive:

"Oh, dear Krin", Candy said, "so you recognized me. Don't be afraid, I'm Candy. I don't know how but we switched bodies with Elisa. Furthermore I don't know how to transform into my previous appearance. That's why it'd be better if you got used to seeing me in that form, my dear friend."

Elisa was startled seeing the racoon. She didn't like this kind of animals. Furthermore seeing that creature on her lap was infuriating her.

"Candy", Elisa said severily, "put down this creature from my lap. Look, he'll leave scraches on my beautiful body. Besides, don't you know that animals are forbidden at school?"

"I know but Krin is my best friend. He has always been next to me until now, and now I can't leave him alone because of the strict rules of some nuns."

"Then I'll inform Sister Grey, and she 'll do what is necessary."

"You can't do that, Elisa", Candy said with fear. "If you try to do something like that I'll humiliate you in front of everybody. Besides, don't forget that your own body isn't even under your control now."

"Huh, ok then, do what you want to do. But keep that creature far away from me."

"No problem."

They went to their room. And that's how that day passed. At night they changed rooms again.

Finally it was weekend. Patty went to Candy's room at 6 o'clock, but as she couldn't find her there she went to Elisa's one. Candy in Elisa's body opened the door. Patty noticed that both of the girls were nicely dressed. So much that she couldn't resist and said:

"Wow! You both look splendid, girls!"

"Thanks, Patty", Candy said. "That is a little thanks to Elisa. She said that she wanted to see herself beautiful, so she made me wear her most beautiful dress. Furthermore, despite of the fact that she gets angry at me touching her things, she wears her own dresses."

"Well" Elisa said bitterly "we will be together the whole weekend."

They went out together. Three nuns were waiting for them there. Patty had to be separated from them, because the nuns were going to begin to give information about the trip and the ones who weren't going to the trip couldn't listen to them.

A moment later, Sister Grey came with Terry and Jonathan next to her.

Neither Candy, nor Elisa knew Jonathan. When Elisa saw him, she couldn't resist and whispered to Candy's ear these words:

"Oh my God, Candy, isn't he a very cute boy, in your opinion?"

Jonathan Chemberley was 16, had short black hair and blue eyes. He was almost as tall as Terry, and despite of the fact that he looked thiner than Terry, he had large shoulders.

"Hmm, he isn't bad", Candy said.

"So", one of the nuns began to talk "now that you are all here, we can start. Each of you has been chosen thanks to your different pecularities. You, Mr Grandchester, for your courage; you, Mr Chemberley, for your skillful works; you, Miss Leagon, for your confidence in yourself; and you, Miss Audrey, for your determination. This trip's goal is to put together all these pecularities and to teach you how to work in harmony. Thus, you will learn to share, to understand each other and get along well with each other.

"This organization takes place each year in our college, and each year different students from different classes are chosen.

"Some of you can see it as an obligation or a privilege; but do not forget that the fact that you are chosen for this trip shows that we see a different source of light in each of you. And showing that we are not wrong is only up to you.

The trip will last three days. Soon later two phaetons will take you four and we two and bring us to Folkestone."

Meanwhile she was showing one of the nuns next to her. She continued soon after a while when she stopped:

"We will be there in the noon. We will stay there in a house we especially reserved. Miss Leagon and Miss Audrey will have a room, Mr Grandchester and Mr Chemberley will have another one. And we both will stay in a room reserved for us. However, you will have a dining room and a big working room. The whole day, except during meal times, you will be working in that room. And in the evenings we will come to look at what you have done and give a mark. So the whole day you four will be alone. If we find your works good enough, we can even let you go to the big harbour of Folkestone. Besides, you will be given permission to wander outside one or two hours in the evenings. Of course, that is as long as you obey the rules.

"You must go to bed before 10 in the evening and wake up before 6:30 in the morning. The whole day, you can't go out without our permission. The fact that we are not next to you doesn't mean that we will not check you. During the day me and my colleague will come to look at you in precise moments. If we see that you don't respect the rules, you will be punished."

Then she turned to the boys.

"I warn especially you, gentlemen, if you create any unpleasant events you will be hardly punished."

"Do not worry, Sister", Jonathan said. "Do not doubt about the fact that we will be a very harmonious team."

Elisa, who couldn't help it, whispered to Candy:

"Oh, furthermore, he has a pleasant voice!"

"OK, Elisa", Candy said. "Don't let yourself got by him so much, because we will be with them a whole weekend. Don't have prejudices."

At that moment the voice of two phaetons was heard. The nuns and the students got in them. Little after they hit the road.

They arrived at Folkestone around 12 p.m. It was a very beautiful city. Candy was amazed by the view when they were passing by the port. Folkestone was a small place, that's why, despite of the port's activity, it was a calm city. Candy was very happy to see the flying gulls. It's because they reminded her the sea travel where she had met Terry for the first time.

Little after they arrived to the place where they were going to stay. It wasn't a very big house, but six people could stay there easily. They took their luggage and installed to the rooms shown by the nuns. Then one of the nuns began to show them around the house. Meanwhile the other nun was next to the drivers.

First they looked round the dining room, then the studying room. Finally, they saw the living room. The living room was big, and there were very comfortable armchairs. Furthermore there was a huge fireplace. Candy couldn't help but say "It's a very beautiful place !".

After lunch, the nuns left them reminding the rules one last time. Meanwhile they were paying attention to the homework given by the nuns.

Suddenly, Terry went to the door and said: "Have fun working".

"Hey!" Elisa in Candy's body called, "where are you going?"

"I'll go and walk around. Maybe I'll go to the port too, would you like to come?"

"What?" Elisa said surprised. "What do you mean? Don't talk nonsense and come here!"

"Terry," Candy in Elisa's body said, "you can't leave us in the lurch. Please come on here and sit down."

"I don't intend on wasting my time with such ridiculous things at all. Furthermore, being in the same room with Freckled Tarzan influences me badly. I need to go out and breathe a little."

"Terry, my friend," Jonathan said, "come here and don't make these beatiful girls sad. Plus, the nuns said they'll let us go out after we finish the work. The sooner we do it the best it is."

"If you want it that much you can stay here Johnny, but I'm leaving."

As he said that he was already gone.

Candy in Elisa's body followed him.

"Terry!" Candy called him. "Wait for me."

"So you have decided to come with me, haven't you Elisa?"

"Well, actually... not really. I'm here to bring you back."

"I don't want to stay in that room. I'm someone who loves freedom."

"Yes but it won't take us too long. And we'll work like that two days. If you already act like that, we can never be a harmonious team."

"Hmpf, Terry said unconcerned, "who wants to be a harmonious team?"

He turned his back and continued walking.

"Terry Grandchester!" Candy shouted. "Come here immediately!"

"What?" Terry said, surprised. "But you..."

Terry went next to Candy. He pretended to examine first her hair and then her face.

"What... What are you doing?" Candy said as she didn't understand his behaviour.

"Nothing," Terry said. "It's just that you suddenly reminded me Candy so much that I was examining if you were her. But you don't have freckles."

"Terry, what are you rambling about?"

"If I believed in superstitions, I'd think that you and Candy have switched bodies."

Candy became silent then. She wondered if he knew the truth. But how could it be possible?

"What is it, Elisa?" Terry said removing her from her thoughts. "Why are you brooding? Or are you really Candy?"

"How dare you?" Candy said imitating Elisa. "I don't understand how you can put us together. And stop talking nonsense, we're going back in there immediately."

"Woo," Terry said mockingly, "anyone would be scared of your rage Miss Leagon. Ok, madam, I'm at your disposal."

They went back to the studying room together. Meantime Candy saw that Elisa was trying to speak with Jonathan. But Jonathan didn't seem to be very interested in her.

"Oh! Elisa said, "so you could finally persuade him, Elisa."

"But it wasn't very easy," Candy answered her, "at last he agreed to come back."

"I've missed you a lot my Freckled Tarzan," Terry said laughing. "Well, have you at least written anything while we were absent? Or were you thinking about something else?"

"Oh, Terry," Candy sighed, "you won't change."

They worked three hours continuously. The nuns arrived at 17 o' clock. Their work wasn't very bad that day. They had even done some things very well. Thus they were given permission to go out.

The garden was very wide, and there were different kind of trees. Terry couldn't help but teased Candy again:

"Look Candy, here is the opportunity for you to exercise."

"How funny," Elisa said.

"Hey Candy," Johnny interrupted, "climb up one of these trees so that I can see. You must be very good at it and that's why Terry always talks about that."

"But I..." Elisa said, "well, I haven't climbed up trees for a long time. Besides this isn't the right time. If the nuns come it won't be a very good situation."

"She's right," Candy interrupted. "Now why would we prefer watching a monkey instead of having fun?"

Elisa and Candy made the boys give up on that idea quickly. Elisa had never climbed up a tree. And now they expected that from her. Of course, meanwhile Candy wanted to climb up a lot. But her appearance prevented her to do that. After a while they went to bed.

They passed the next day working too. They really enjoyed being together but having to study got on their nerves.

They went out to the garden after the nuns arrived in the afternoon. Elisa in Candy's appearance and Terry went out before. After a while, Candy in Elisa's appearance went out. But she couldn't find them. At that moment Johnny arrived:

"Hey," Johnny said, "what are you doing here? Where are the other ones?"

"I don't know," Candy answered. "I was looking for them."

"They put us off then," Johnny interpreted smiling.

"I guess so," Candy answered laughing.

"So, what are we going to do now then?"

"I don't know, what would you like to do?"

"Let's walk a little if you want to."

"That's ok with me."

They began walking around the garden together. After a while they sat down on an inclined tree.

"Talk about yourself a little, Johnny said.

"Well... what do you want me to say?"

"I don't know. I mean, well, what kind of things you like, since when have you been in this school, and so on."

"I've been in this school for a year."

"And what kind of things do you like?"

"I don't know. The kind of things that girls my age like I guess."

Johnny laughed at these words. He didn't seem to be plain to Candy while he was laughing.

"Talk a little more about yourself," Johnny said. "I want to know more about you."

"Believe me, it's better for you not to know me."

"Why is that?" Johnny laughed again.

"It's because I'm not a very interesting girl."

"But I don't think so at all, Elisa. Elisa... you have such a beautiful name."

Johnny approached Candy. Candy wasn't very happy about this closeness. She went back a little.

"Well," Candy mumbled. "Thank you. I think your name is beautiful too."

"Really? Are you interested in me?"

"I...? Well... I have to be interested, don't I? We have been working together the whole weekend after all."

"Then, don't you feel anything else about me?"

"No... Look, let's go and look for Candy and Terry if you want to. The nuns will be looking for us in a few minutes."

"Ok then."

They began walking around the garden again. After a long walk they were still looking for them. Suddenly it started to rain cats and dogs. Meantime they saw something like an arbour and went in it.

"Are you cold?" Johnny asked.

"No," Candy answered. "It rains very intensely. I hope it'll leave off as soon as possible."

"I personnally would like it to continue."

"Why is that?"

"So that I could stay more with you."

"Don't talk nonsense."

"I'm not talking nonsense, I'm saying the truth. I like you, Elisa, why are you pushing me away?""

Johnny came closer to Candy. "Look, that isn't a good thing. I mean for you to like me."

"Why is that?"

"Because... I'm a very bad person... nobody likes me because I'm the best at making people sad..."

"It's ok, I can love you under any circumstances."

Johnny came very close to Candy and tried to kiss her. Candy stepped back quickly, thus a little tag began under the arbour.

Finally Johnny catched Candy by her arm.

"Just a kiss..." he said.

Candy kept on pushing him. Meanwhile, she heard Terry's and Elisa's voices. They were looking for them.

Candy tried to call them to help them find her:

"I'm he...!" but Johnny closed her mouth.

But they had heard that voice. At that moment Candy pushed Johnny back. Thus Jonathan fell on the ground with a big noise. In the meantime, Terry and Candy in Elisa's appearance came in.

Terry understood what had happened and he held Johnny from his collar and made him stand up.

"Look, John," Terry said with a severe voice. "What are you trying to do?"

"Nothing, we were just having fun," Johnny said.

"Is that true, Elisa ?" Terry asked turning to Candy. Candy shoke her head meaning "no". After that, Terry took Jonathan from both side of his collar, and proped him on the wall.

"Look Johnny, from now on you'll be a good boy or I'll make you regret it. Now apologize to Elisa!"

"Ok... I'm sorry Elisa. I was being stupid."

"It's ok," Candy said.

"Good," Terry said letting Johnny go. "Do not even try to do something like that again. Come on, let's go back. The nuns must be waiting for us."

After going back home, they changed their clothes ; they were all soaking.

After dinner everybody went to their room. Elisa was speaking with Candy.

"So he said he liked me, didn't he ? Aww, I'm so happy!

"I wonder if you'd be so happy if you were me..."

"Of course I would. If I were you I'd be back into my body."

"That's true."

"So, what else did he say about me?"

"He said 'Your name is so beautiful.' Then "Do you feel anything about me?' I said 'no'. Anyway, finally he tried to kiss me. Beurk...

"Aww... So he tried to kiss me! Did we really have to switch bodies in such time?"

"Anyway. What did you do with Terry?"

"Terry and I? Well... We secretly went to the beach. But when we saw that the rain was coming we came back."

"I hope nothing happened between you two."

"No, don't worry. I don't know why but he doesn't seem to like this new Candy a lot."

Then they went to bed.

The next day, they hit the road in the afternoon. In the beginning of the evening they arrived at school.

While the phaetons were stopping, an extraordinary noise came from the phaeton behind. Candy and Elisa got out of the phaeton immediately to see what it was. Candy saw that it was a pigeon who bumped against the window. The pigeon was on the ground. Candy took it in her hands. Fortunately, it wasn't hurt.

"What a beautiful pigeon", Candy said. "Ah, the last time I took a bird in my hands like that when I was in my own body... If only I could be back to my old self..." Candy said with sorrow.

Then suddenly the bird in her hand disappeared. Meanwhile Elisa screamed:

"Aaah!! What is this disgusting thing doing in my hand?"

Elisa noticed that her voice was back to her old voice. She looked at Candy. They were both back to their old appearances! They shouted and hugged each other with excitement. Then they remembered the old days and they separated from each other immediately.

Then the girls and the boys were sent to their own sections.

Candy went to Patty's room immediately. Patty opened the door, Candy hugged her immediately.

"Patty! It's me, Candy! I'm back to my old self!"

"Candy!" Patty shouted happily. "Finally! I can't tell you how much I've missed you."

They were very happy with that situation. They went to bed with this happiness.

The next day the fact that everything was back to normal made Candy very happy. When she entered the classroom she saw Elisa.

"Good morning, Elisa" Candy said. But Elisa looked at her despisingly.

"Since when people coming from Pony's home talk to me?" she said mockingly.

"But, Elisa..." Candy said. But then she gave up. She turned to Patty:

"I haven't thought that everything would be back to normal that quickly...

"Don't think about it," Patty consoled her. "Besides don't forget that you should thank God for something; she didn't say anything about Krin."

"You may be right."

In the noon Candy went out to the garden alone. She was waiting for Patty and Annie. She saw Elisa ahead. She was alone too. Then she saw that Johnny was going next to Elisa. He was probably apologizing. And Elisa was laughing.

" At last Elisa found someone for her too," she thought.

Then she heard a voice. When she turned and looked where the voice was coming, she saw Terry. He had something in his hands.

"Hi, Freckled Tarzan, what's up?"

"Grrr," Candy said angrily, "don't call me so!"

Terry gave her the thing he held in his hand. It was a heart-shaped shell.

"I took it from the ground when we were at the beach. Take it as a souvenir."

"Thanks, Terry... Be sure that I'll take big care of it..."

Terry winked. And turned his back. Just before he left he spoke:

"Candy, do you know that, your true self is prettier..."

Then he left after these words.

Candy stared after him. So Terry had sensed that strange things happened. After a while Annie and Patty came.

"Come on, Candy, let's go," Patty said.

"Ok," Candy said.

"Candy, what do you have in your hand?" Annie asked.

"Nothing, just a souvenir from Folkestone..."

They walked towards the school together. After all she lived, Candy was still very happy. Of course, being in Elisa's shoes had changed her a lot. Candy was hoping that Elisa had changed too, at least in a positive way...

The End


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