The Outcome (originally written by Nina - translated by Lella)

Candy drank all the water in the glass and put it on the little table, sighing deeply. A little movement in the bed that she had just left, made her understand that she should be more considered and cautious. The little sleep she had dozed just a couple of hours ago had completely disappeared, so she took her housecoat and slipped out of the room. Once in the library, she turned on the light and took a copy bound in dark brown, to settle later into one of the sofas... it was not easy, and when she finally did it, the German clock in the little living room was stroking eleven.

She sighed deeply once again, and looked at the cover of the book that she had chosen randomly... "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"... Candy smiled while she was thinking amused "as if I myself had not had enough adventure in my life..."

Without the smile vanishing from her face, she opened the book and started to read. Just ten minutes had elapsed, when the girl realized that she was not really paying attention: she wasn't reading, she simply devoured the letters without giving them any form or sense. Annoyed at herself, she closed the book and set her gaze on the window; there was nothing but the darkness and the silence of the midnight. Then, almost without realizing it, she realized that she could not concentrate because her mind had stayed occupied in her own commentary... She indeed lived so many adventures, but none was like the one that was happening now: it was the most amazing and wonderful one that she had lived until then, and she owed all to him... And a new sigh escaped from her lips, as she remembered when their lives touched the first time.

She had never imagined that meeting would ever end that way: if someone had talked about such an outcome at that time of her life, she would have exclaimed in disbelief, "but what a madness!" But life nevertheless takes you in strange ways, that almost always lead to at the least expected, and that great love was exactly the one Candy had less expected. A blush reddened her cheeks to think of him again, and she remembered how nice he looked in the dark uniform of the St. Paul's College, and all the things they had done together there, as well as the problems that happened more than once just to be by her side... at the time what united them was not love yet, but the seed had been planted and nobody prevented it from germinating and strengthening to become the feeling that united them now so strongly... But suddenly her face clouded over: it wasn't always like that, as they had to fight against those around them: people who liked them and people who hated them, and they had sustained arduous battles even against themselves, because if he had not been armed with all of his courage and hadn't said what he truly felt that freezing and horrible day, then she would have gone and lost him forever...

"How silly", she said, "so many times have past since then, and the memory still makes me cry..."

With the sleeve of her coat, she wiped her tears, and she smiled again remembering the wedding day. Everything had been so beautiful and perfect! Just like the ideal dream of any girl who gets married... That day, her dearest friend, the man she loved most, had also become the owner of her soul and body for all the eternity... Then Candy's eyes filled again with tears, but this time accompanied the huge sincere smile she had ever flowed from her soul, as she put her hands on her swollen belly; that love had been blessed, and that was the most amazing and miraculous thing that she ever lived ... Suddenly she realized that was what wouldn't let her sleep: the strange feelings of discomfort she had from the afternoon, they had intensified, and they were now something much more tangible. Trying to stay calm, and feelings ranging from euphoria and fear, she tried to sit up, but a real pain traversed her when she did it.

He slept peacefully in the bed. As the date approached, he didn't stop to observe her, monitor every moment of the day and the night what was the most valuable and beloved to him, but right now, the cumulative fatigue and sleepless nights had finally beaten him.

Then, in his sleep, he felt some soft lips rested on his face and a voice pulled him completely out of his sleep.

"Wake up, my love..."

The young man sat up suddenly, as if driven by a spring.

"Is it the time?!"

Candy smiled softly.

"Yes... it is the time... your greatest and the most perfect invention is finally coming, Stear... "

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