Some Hours With You (by Cagla)

Candy was slowly walking along the dark streets of Chicago. She had just seen Susanna in the hotel who told her that she couldn't see Terry because he fell tired after the performance and they mustn't wake him up. What a bad luck she had today! She wanted to see Terry after such a long time but first she had to stay in the hospital and nobody wanted to replace her. In spite of that, she went to the theater but as she hadn't got an invitation they didn’t allow her to enter. Nevertheless, she saw Terry in secret, but she couldn't speak to him after the performance as he was surrounded by fans. And now that she found his hotel, Susanna told her not to disturb him. She was missing a big opportunity. She was sad and walked along the streets for hours. Then she decided to go back to the hospital.


Terry was sitting on the stairs outside in front of the hospital. It was very late in the night but he was still waiting for Candy. Stear had told him that she stayed in the hospital and she wanted to be a nurse. Her decision didn't surprise him at all. She was always willing to help everybody. How did she look like in her nursing uniform? He tried to imagine her in it. She must be like an angel in her white dress differently from the nurses he had seen some hours ago to whom he had asked where Candy was. He was so happy now that he knew that Candy was in America. There were no oceans to separate them anymore! He had left the College for Candy, he didn't want her to be expelled, but it seemed that his help wasn't very useful, she had left school after him.

"Why?" he thought. "Maybe she wanted to find her way too."

It was almost 5 o'clock in the morning. He had to go to his hotel to join his company for breakfast. He was a bit disappointed. Why didn't she come until that hour? But he was still happy, he knew at least where she was working. He would write her a letter as soon as possible and he could invite her to his plays. He hadn't lost his hope yet and wrote a little message to her telling that he was there and if she wanted she could come to see him before his train departure at 12 o'clock. He gave his message to the hospital's gardener and asked him not to forget to give it to Candy. Then he slowly went away.

Meanwhile Candy was coming to the hospital. She had lost one of her shoes and now she was walking without them. Her feet were hurting. Then she fell to the ground.

"Ouch! Oh, I really have a bad luck today!"

Terry saw her but didn't recognize her because of her dress and her hairstyle she prepared for going to the theater.

"Are you alright, Miss?" he asked approaching her.

"This voice..."

Candy raised her head. Terry was in front of her!

"Terry!" she exclaimed and stood up immediately.

"Candy!" said Terry surprised.

It was as if the time stopped. They wanted to see each other for such a long time and now that they were face to face they didn't know what to say.

"What are you doing here?" asked Candy with a gentle voice after a short silence. "Weren't you in the hotel?"

"Me?" asked Terry surprised. "No, Candy, I was waiting for you here for hours".

"You were waiting for me here for hours", repeated Candy. "But... your friend... Susanna Marlowe... told me that you were sleeping and we mustn't wake you up".

"What? I don't know why she said that but it isn't true... So, you were looking for me in my hotel..."

"Yes... I wanted to see you..." Some tears appeared in her eyes. "I... I missed you so much", she said jumping to his neck. Terry didn't expect that and was so happy. He embraced her strongly.

"Why have you left me in the College? Why haven't you bring me to America with you?" she said crying.

"Candy..." He couldn't believe his ears.

"Sorry, Candy... I thought it was better for you... I couldn't let you be expelled... that wasn't fair that I wasn't expelled instead of you because of my father's financial aid to school... Furthermore, you could be rejected by your family. If I were older, I would have brought you with me but that wasn't possible... I too missed you a lot, Candy... I love you".

"Terry..." She raised her head. "I too love you a lot, she said softly".


The actors of the Stratford Company were assembled in the hotel's restaurant for breakfast. Robert Hathaway, the director of the Company, joined them. He realized that the chair next to Susanna was empty.

"Where is Terry?" he asked her.

"I don't know, answered Susanna without joy. I haven't seen him since he left the ball".

"I hope he isn't with that girl", she thought.

"What does it mean?" asked the director angrily. "Everybody should be here".

"He must be tired after his big performance yesterday evening. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be in time for the train", said another actress.

"I hope so", answered the director.


Candy and Terry were sitting in a little café near the hospital. They had entered there when it had just been opened to continue their talk they began in front of the hospital, and to have breakfast. Terry told Candy what he had done after he had left school and Candy told him about her decision to search for her own way like him and her adventures. They talked too much but they haven't realized how the time passed.

"Oh, it's 11 o'clock!" said Terry noticing the big clock of the hospital.

"So what?" asked Candy.

"My train will leave at 12 o'clock", he answered.

"Really?" said Candy with sadness. She couldn't stand the idea of his departure again.

"I'm so happy to see you, Candy. I promise you that I'll write you as soon as possible".

"Really? That's great!" said Candy with joy. "But don't forget it".

He answered with a smile.

"I must go now", he said.

"I'm coming with to the train station".

"Then, let's g", he said.

He paid the bill. They went to his hotel to take his things and then to the train station.


Meanwhile, the Company had already been in the train station.

"Where is he? The train is going to leave in some minutes", was thinking Susanna.

"Hasn't he come yet?" asked Robert Hathaway with anger.

"No", answered Susanna.

"What irresponsibility! If he misses the train, he'll lose his role and I'll never give him important roles".

"He's coming", said Susanna with happiness. But when she saw the girl she met the previous day, she became pale from jealousy.

"At last! Where have you been! What an irresponsible person you are! We were waiting for you while you were spending your time with girls", said Robert looking at Candy.

"That's none of your business", said Terry. "I was supposed to take the train with you at 12 o'clock and I'm in time. The rest doesn't interest you".

The director couldn't say anything. He was right after all.

"OK, let's go to our wagon".

Terry's companions got into the train but Terry stayed on the platform with Candy. He wanted to be with her some more minutes. Candy was very happy to hear Terry's last words. She didn't know why Susanna lied her last night.

"Maybe she's a witch like Elisa too", she thought.

"Well, it's time to say `good bye'", she said.

"Yes. It's a pity, I couldn't see you in your nursing uniform".

"If you want, I can send you a photo".

At that moment, Susanna who realized that Terry wasn't in the train came.

"Come on, Terry, the train is going to leave now", she said without looking at Candy.

"OK, Susanna", he answered. He turned to Candy and said:

"I'll send you an invitation to my next play".

"OK. Good bye".

"Good bye", he said and kissed her on the forehead in front of Susanna who became even paler.

"I'm coming, Susanna".

He got on the train but was still near the door.

"Come on, Terry, our wagon is in this way".

"You can go, Susanna, I'll join you in a minute".

"As you wish", she said angrily.

The train began to move.

"Good bye, Terry! Take care of yourself!" shouted Candy. "Don't forget to write me soon!"

"Good bye, Freckles!"

"Don't call me ‘Freckles’!"

Then the train disappeared in the horizon. Candy had to return to the hospital. She was very happy to see Terry even if for some hours, so happy that even Flanny’s and other nurses’ scolding because of her leaving without permission last night wouldn't sadden her.

The End

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