Life goes on... (by Mallory Quinn)

Chapter 5: “The Baby Project”

Alistair found a way to spend the day at the hospital, waiting for Candy. He would be in the hallway with patients, he would go to the children ward and make them laugh, making paper planes, origamis for them. The staff would look at him shaking their heads. He would go see the old people and talk to them and cheer them up…

Candy went to see Professor Leonard before she left.

- I would like to take some time off, please

- Yes, you’ve worked overtime during the Spanish flu pandemic…you need to take some time off.

- Indeed, thank you for understanding, sir…

- You’re welcome. Get some rest and if you want to come back, there’s always a position available for you.

- Thank you very much sir

- Good luck! I hope you find happiness with your new friend!

- He’s my cousin…

- Really? He’s looking at you… well it’s not my problem, good luck!

- Thank you…Good bye sir

- Goodbye Miss Andrew

Candy left the room and she went to get her personal stuff she changed and she had her personal effect in a paper bag. She was surprise to see Alistair waiting for her.

- Candy! Finally!!! Give me your bag

- Alistair? What are you doing here?

- I was waiting for you…

- All day?

- Yes….

-Oh my God!

- Don’t worry I had fun…

- Fun in a hospital?

- Well when you’re not the patient, you can actually find something to do…

- I bet you did!

- What is all this? He asked

- My stuff, I’m not working here anymore

- What?? Why?

- Well, I thought you hired me as your personal nurse! She said faking surprise

- Oh… oh, right! Yes! Of course, nurse Andrew!!! Welcome!

car was waiting for them outside. They went back home talking and laughing. They got to the mansion and they went upstairs together. They changed in their respective rooms. Then they went downstairs together. They saw Annie in one of the living rooms knitting…

- Hello Annie, said Candy smiling

- Hey guys! How was your day?

- Fine, said Candy, I just took a leave of absence…

- What? Said Annie, why?

- Alistair hired me as his personal nurse…

- You quit your job for Alistair? Said Annie smiling

- He and I have big plans, said Candy right Alistair

- Right he said smiling at him…

- Then let’s go find a study in this big mansion so we can work on our project…

- What project? Said Archibald’s voice

- Alistair and I are working on a baby together, said Candy innocently

Archibald’s face lost all its colours.

- What did you just say? He asked

- Alistair and I are working on a baby together…, said Candy

- A baby?

Alistair was looking at his brother to see his reaction. Annie was looking at her husband too. Candy seemed to be the only not to realise what was going on.

- Yes, said Alistair, you have a problem with that?

- I would hope you’d get married first…

Candy and Alistair burst out laughing.

- Archie! You are so funny! We have a little project… a baby…not a real one!!! You’re silly!!!

Archie had a sigh of relief and his wife didn’t miss that. She didn’t say a word in front of Candy.

- Let’s go Alistair, said Candy, let’s go work on this baby, let’s find a nice room where there’s a couch…

She walked away with Alistair and Archie was just looking at them.

- They’re going to work on a project, but you really thought they were going to make love, right?

- Hello honey, how was your day?

- Peachy until you showed more jealousy for your brother…

- Annie…

- I’m going to go for a walk in the garden…when you remember you have a wife with a baby on the way, you’ll know where to find me!

Candy and Alistair finally found a room, outside the mansion, big enough to be a hangar, with a little room adjacent with a desk, chairs and an old couch.

- This one is perfect! Said Candy

- Yes! Said Alistair smiling

- Can I clean up and decorate the office?

- You can do whatever you want!!!

- Great! Let’s go make a list of what we need…

They went back to the mansion in search for a pencil and paper. The found one in Albert’s study.

- You know what we need to buy for your inventions…

- Yes, said Alistair

- And I know what to buy for the office…

- We need to discuss budget…

- Right, we need a budget… what about your friend, we do need to include him…

- Yes… we need to go see him and talk to him!

- What about tonight?

- Yes!!! Oh Candy, do you know how happy you’re making me?

- I’m just helping you realise your dream

- That’s all the encouragement I need he said smiling

Candy hugged him.

- I’m so glad you’re back!!! Now let’s go get ready to see your friend, what’s his name?

- Joseph…Joseph Barber…

- All right, let’s go get ready

They got ready, all dressed up to go out. They met Archie at the stairs.

- Where are you two going?

- We’re going out, for dinner, said Candy, I’ll see you later

- Bye bro, said Alistair following Candy

- But…

They were out the door. The Great Aunt saw that and she approached Archie.

- You still think there’s nothing

- Yes, Great aunt, I still think they’re only friends. Candy is just being supportive…

- Didn’t she just quit her job to be with him…

- As a cousin! Dinner is almost ready, I have to go look for my wife…

Archie went outside and he found his wife sitting on a big swing, knitting.

- Annie…

- What do you want?

- I’m sorry… please forgive me… but I’m going to be honest with you. Yes, it gets in my nerves to see Candy so close to my brother… I can’t help it…

- You wish she was yours…

- My brother never showed any interest in Candy

- He was just wise enough not to show his feelings…

- And me picking fights with Terry was the obvious one…

- Candy never encouraged you… she was already in love with Terry in college… now she’s available…

- She’s still in love with Terry, I don’t want my brother to get hurt when she rejects him…she showing her support, he might mistake that for genuine feelings

- Candy will always love Terry, but…

- If Terry shows up on our doorstep you know Candy is going to run back to him faster than he could say “Candy”…

Archie was still hiding his real motives to his wife, but she seemed to be buying it…

- You’re right… I’m sorry I was so harsh on you honey…

Archie kissed her on the lips. Annie could never resist a kiss from her husband.

- You want to relax a little before dinner he whispered

- Yes, my love, said Annie smiling

He smiled took her by the hand and they went to their bedroom and they had a lot of fun…

Candy and Alistair went to see Joe at his house. It was a little house simple with a white picket fence. Alistair knocked on the door and a nice woman opened the door.

- Can I help you?

- Yes, said Alistair, I’m Alistair Cornwell and this is my cousin Candy, we’re here to see Joe…

- Joseph

- Yes, he was my friend during the war…

- Well I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I don’t want him to have anymore reminder of the war…

- But I just want to see how he is.., said Alistair

- I’m sorry, but

- Who is it mom? Said a voice approaching

A young man with light brown hair showed up, his face literally lit up.

- Cornwell!!!! He said smiling and coming to hug his friend, it’s so good to see you!!!!

Alistair hugged him back laughing.

- It’s good to see you!! He said

Then he let go of him and turned to Candy.

- This Candy…

- Hi, said Candy

- Hello, said Joe smiling, please come in, my mother is just a little traumatised with me going to war…

- Aren’t we all, said Candy

They went in the nice little living room and sat down.

- How have you been? Asked Joe

- Having nightmares?

- Me too… it’s awful… I thought with the war over we would be fine

- It’s called post traumatic stress, said Candy, it will go away after a time

- Oh, said Joe smiling at her

- She’s a nurse, said Alistair

- Right… said Joe looking at Alistair

- Is your mother in the kitchen

- She’s probably making tea, I’ll go see if I can help her out…, said Candy leaving them

When Candy was gone. Joe talked to his friends.

- Candy? What happened to Patricia?

- She’s dead…

- Oh… I’m sorry buddy

- Thanks

- But you always seemed to like Candy more when you talked… what happened she didn’t get married to her actor

- Nope…

- Lucky you! Go for it!

- She sees me as a friend…

- She sees you everyday now you have to make your move

- I don’t want to scare her…we already accidentally kissed…

- “Accidentally”? How do you kiss “accidentally”?

Alistair told him what happened at the hospital the day Candy found him.

- Oh my God! You lucky dog! How was the kiss

- It was the most wonderful think I’ve ever felt; I saw a million stars, my world spinning I felt dizzy, I felt good it was good and it only lasted a few seconds… and it takes me longer to explain what I felt…

- Ok… I envy you! What are you doing with her?

- Well I talked to her about our project, and she wants to help us make it come true…

- Really?

- Yes… my family is very rich so we should be fine. If you’re still in, I have a room in our property where we could work and we also have apartments in the basement where you could stay…

- Stay on your property?

- Yes, that’s in case we work late, I thought it would be easier for you…

- Alistair, you’re providing everything…

- You’re bringing us your brains…come on, say yes!!!

- I never thought we would actually go through with it… oh my God! But I want to pay you back if this works, all right?

- Yes! Of course!!! Said Alistair smiling

Candy came back with Mrs. Barber with some tea and a plate with sandwiches. Joseph told his mother about their project.

- Live with him?

- I’ll come and see you over the week end, said Joseph

- Really, when you start your inventions, you don’t stop…

- That’s why I wanted to be closer over there…

- Joseph, you came back alive from this horrible war, I can’t stop you from doing what you need to make your dream come true, of course, do it! I’ll let your father and your brother and sister know…

- Thank you mom! Said Joseph smiling

Candy was glad. She needed something new and this project Alistair had was just what she needed! She didn’t know what she was going to do, but she was going to show herself useful…

- Now, we have to sell you idea to a company, said Candy

- Well my brother should be able to help us…

- Alistair, let’s act like we’re going to talk to potential investors, said Candy

- With my brother?

- So he could see we’re serious…

- You’re right, he might think we’re playing around… all right we need some advice.

- I can talk to Mr. George, he could help us…, said Candy

- All right, said Alistair thank you Candy

Candy saw Archie’s attitude and she was afraid of his reaction to their little baby project, but he was his brother after all…

- So Joe, we see you tomorrow morning? Said Alistair

- All right! My father is away with my brother and sister, but I’ll be there…

- I’ll let the staff know, said Alistair

He stood up with Candy.

- Thank you so much for your hospitality, Mrs. Barber

- You’re welcome, I’m for my rudeness

- It’s all right, said Candy smiling I understand you, last night I was helping Alistair when he had a nightmare

- I was with my son too…

The two women were talking. Joe took Alistair aside and whispered.

- She took care or you during the nightmare

- And she fell asleep in my arms

- Whooa you didn’t tell me you spent the night with her!!!!

- It was platonic…

- She was in your arms all night!!!! Make your move!!!

- It’s too soon…

- You’re impossible, after the war we should rush into everything

- I want it to be perfect if I go after her… all in due time

Candy was done talking. Alistair walked to her.

- Good bye, said Candy

- Good bye, said Alistair

- Good bye, said Mother and son

In the car, Candy was talking to Alistair.

- This is so exciting!!! Said Candy all happy

- Indeed! Said Alistair, you want to go somewhere to celebrate?

- Yes!!!

- Let’s got to a French restaurant

- Yes! Let’s go!!!

They went to a very nice French restaurant and they ordered. Their meal arrived with lots of sauté vegetables…

- I don’t like all those vegetables, said Alistair

- Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll take all the rest of your veggies, if you eat your carrots and mine…

- The carrots? Why the carrots

- Because you wear glasses…

- Right carrots are good for your eyes…

- Yes, it give you beautiful eyes, good eyes and a beautiful skin too…, said Candy smiling

- Ok, you’ve got yourself a deal!

Candy took his veggies and gave him her carrots. Alistair was looking at her with fondness. He was glad he talked to Joe. His brother was his best friend but since he was behaving like a jerk since he came back from the war, because he was jealous … his brother was now off limits, he could never confide in him again, because all he was going to get was discouragements.

They finished their meal and they went back home. The others were having coffee in the living room.

- Hello! Said Alistair smiling

- Good evening said Candy

-Yes, said Candy a lot of fun!

- You missed dinner, said the Great aunt with her emotionless face.

- Aunt Elroy, I told Archie that Candy and I were going out for dinner…

- Alistair you had just come back from the dead, we would like to see you every night at dinner

- And you will when I’m here. But for now, Candy and I are working on a little project

- Our baby project, said Candy, and if it works you’re going to see us every night at the dinning table said Candy

- I don’t think she was thinking about you, said Archie

- Too bad, because I’m going to here with Alistair. I’m here to stay Aunt Elroy, get used to it!!! Said Candy leaving

Annie turned to Archie stunned. Alistair looked at his brother.

- That was uncalled for Archie! Said Alistair following Candy

Annie didn’t say a thing. She was tired of fighting with her husband because of Candy and Alistair, so she just went to her bedroom. Archie was glad his wife didn’t say a thing, but he wasn’t proud of himself…


Candy was in her room in tears. How could Archie say that? That was not very nice. She was changing. She had a robe on and she took a brush in her hand. There was a knock on her door.

- Candy? Said Alistair, Can I come in?

- Sure, said Candy wiping her tears

He came in and approached her and he hugged her hard.

- I’m sorry…

- You don’t have to apologise

- He loves you, you know that?

- Yes, I do. That’s why it hurts so much, but he was right, Aunt Elroy was talking to you, not me…

- He didn’t have to say that, he made you feel like an idiot who didn’t get things…

- It’s ok… I’m taking all your time. You just came back from the dead and you’re barely spending time with your family, you’re always with me…

- Candy, listen to me, there’s no other place I would rather be than with you. You’re my friend, you support me, you comfort me at night, you’re helping me build a future… After the war, I need encouragements and you’re providing that for me. I need you…

- Oh Alistair! She said moved

She looked at him and something happened, Alistair wanted to kiss her hair and Candy looked up…. Their lips were joined in a passionate kiss. Candy thought she was crazy, but she was feeling good. Alistair was surprised by the very nice turn of events. They kissed for a while, then they stopped. And they looked at each other.

- Euh… I…, he said blushing, going to go to my room

- Yeah, you do that! Said Candy turning around bright as red

They looked like two kids caught with a fault. They were friends…they didn’t want to ruin that, but that kiss was unbelievably…. good.



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